Waze and Spotify partner: listen to music while driving for never been so easy [Exclusive Guide]

12:05 am March 15, 201714542

Waze and Spotify have announced their partnership today. Now, listening to music while driving is easy, since the Waze app will allow you to launch a Spotify playlist while music app allows you to launch your navigation in a Flash. A perfect integration between the two services.

Waze et Spotify

connected cars have become the new growth area of many high-tech designers, who do not hesitate to spread mass on this new segment also promising for builders and developers.

But that particularly looking at the wheel? Two very simple things: aid to navigation to optimize my route, and good music to not feel. It falls well, since one of the best GPS available on Android for just announced a beautiful collaboration.

Waze and Spotify partner to make your journeys easier

is on my official blog that Waze, one of the best GPS collaborative (if this isn’t the best) available on Android, for announced a partnership with the Spotify music streaming service . The goal? To meet easily the two applications once while driving.

to do this, it will be possible in the future to easily launch a playlist Spotify from the Waze navigation screen , and manage your listening to the sort. Conversely, once your accounts are linked, you can also quickly launch aid to navigation from interface Spotify.

Spotify et Waze

two services walking together, thus, it will be necessary to switch from one application to another to manage my GPS and music, all working through a single application.

A limitation, however, quite honest: it is not possible to change music while driving to avoid accidents: the change of music/playlist will be available only once to stop.