Vote for the cover of my book! :) [Quick Guide]

9:48 am April 8, 201715462

vote for the cover of my book! 🙂

by Olivier Roland

dear readers, I am pleased to announce that the book on which I have worked for soon 3 years and a half will be completed soon!

the final title was chosen thanks to the ambassadors of the book , it will be “everyone for not had the chance to miss my studies” (and its subtitle “how to become a free, live and succeed outside of the system”).

today I ask you to help me choose the best coverage!

Click here to tell me in a few moments the coverage you prefer (you just note the coverage (s) that you like)


very quickly coming back to you for more news from the book!

in the meantime, I’m very happy to finally see the end and soon see this book help thousands of people to be more free and successful outside of the system.

very soon! 🙂

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