««««Viewing Windows processes – so they look, where much CPU power consumed is

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quickly find out

on Windows, what programs are running and which consumes the most power.

so you can display all Windows processes

  1. open the taskbar or start menu search box.
  2. you enter as a term resource monitor.
  3. click on the same site. CPU
  4. if not directly see the CPU overview, click on the tab.
  5. right in the picture you see then a graphical representation of the CPU usage. You will find a diagram for the CPU load as a whole and then each a graph for each core multicore systems.

    Ressourcenmonitor von Windows 7 mit CPU-Übersicht
    Resource monitor Windows 7 CPU summary

to determine the processes that consume the most power

  1. click the “CPU” column heading.
  2. now the sorting of processes should occur after your load, with the largest guzzlers of power above.

    Anzeige der Prozesse im Ressourcenmonitor nach CPU-Last
    Display of the processes in the resource monitor to CPU load

  3. see the top processes and trying to figure out whether the display is justified. About the Windows virus guardian is at the top, then it will perform just a scan, explaining the last plausible.
  4. you see, however, a process that consumed much of the CPU itself without justification, then you right click on it and select end process.

to use the process viewer

the largest part of the window the summary takes a non-system processes like . All running programs and processes are just listed here.

in addition to the name and the ID of a process is a short description. It makes it easier to identify a process or program.

a program shall be observed constantly highlight the name, with a check mark. Thus, the row is pinned down. Also, the resource manager filters more information about services, handles and modules for the above selected program or process name. But that’s another tip again.

similar to set up services in the pane below is the overview. Those programs are listed here, who have no operable Windows interface, but work quietly in the background.

the resource monitor will help also, if you want to know, which processes utilize the Internet .

Windows XP: which program needs how much CPU power

in Windows you can easily determine which program or which process needs just the most CPU power. Simply call the TaskManager (calling Task Manager with shortcut keys) and non-system processes like select the tab.

then click on CPU usage, possibly a second time. Then, the processes that are currently the most CPU time consuming appear earlier in the list. Usually, the idle process in the first place is here, by the way. Indicating how much CPU power is available just yet.

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