Update Google Images: here’s how to analyze the actual loss of traffic following the February 7! [Exclusive Guide]

6:24 pm February 14, 201710430

Google for updated its Google Images in France section and it for had many negative impacts on traffic from referring in this section. If Google Analytics tells us that almost 100% of the traffic Google Images is lost, we will introduce how to identify the real loss for your website with an another Google tool.

update Google Images: what is it?

If you were on vacation last week, you probably missed the info: Google for made February 7 an update of the functioning of Google Images in France impacting traffic to all Web sites.

in practice, with each click on an image in the section Google Images, the site owner of the image is more loaded in iframe under the image, the visit is therefore more recorded by internet audience measurement tools.

this update Google Images was very important on many sites traffic impacts, even if all are not affected in the same measures.

what are the real impacts on traffic from Google Images reference?

impacts mise à jour google images

if it is known that Google was now more data traffic from Google Images (images.Google.com) in the section “Referring Sites” Google Analytics (see trend of traffic above) and that the organic traffic from the source “images.google” is also almost now equal to 0, how can we know how many people actually land on our website from Google Images since the update of the 7 February?

use the report analysis of the research of Search Console to identify the actual loss of traffic Google Images

the report “analysis of the search” Search console is a goldmine of information for SEOs. If it allows to obtain a very good vision on the queries that generate a site visits since the arrival of the “not provided” on Google Analytics, this report allows also to filter and analyze incoming traffic based on the type of research performed by the user (Web, Image, Video) .

by filtering the data on the type search ‘Image’ , we see Google Images redirects actually always Internet users to our websites, even if the loss of traffic is always clear:

search console trafic google images

in the case of LEPTIDIGITAL, we lose on average 76% of our former traffic Google Images . Contrary to what Google Analytics could let us think, we lose so not 100% of our former traffic referrer from Google Images, about 24% of the visits we get before are always taken from Google Images but simply incorporated in other reports in Google Analytics.

in summary, for LEPTIDIGITAL, following the Google Images update, only near 1 user on 4 will be:

  • click a second time on the image to go to the site
  • click on “consult the page”
  • click on the name of the domain associated with the image

how to access this report in Search Console?

to get the data for your site, you need to go to the section “ Search Analytics ‘ Search console and then access the report by following this path: Type of research => filter by type of research-online Image

analyse recherche google images

on our side we then compared two periods in order to estimate the actual loss of traffic from Google Images  : a before the update (from 1 to 4 February) and a period after the update (from 08 to 11 February).

the limits of this analysis via Search Console

If Search Console allows us to follow always real traffic from Google Images, it does however not to track conversions and the behavior of these visitors (bounce rate, number of pages / session, duration of the visit,…).

PS: feel free to share your results in the comments so that we can assess the real impact of the update according to the sites.

your opinion on this info?