Uninstall Mac programs – simply

10:23 pm November 10, 20166829

you want to uninstall from the Mac programs? There’s several ways. In this tip we will show you how to delete applications from your Mac.


Mac OSX channels 1. The standard way to remove an application from the Mac leads through the programs folder. Open the Finder.

Alle installierten Programme finden Sie auf dem Mac in einem Ordner.
you will find all installed programs on the Mac in a folder.

2. in the folder, locate the program that you want to delete. If the program for an own folder, you open it. Then, see if the application for an own uninstaller.

if so, click on it and follow the instructions in the uninstaller. (Warning: Adobe programs the uninstaller is well hidden).

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3. If the program for no own Installer, click next with the right mouse button (or two fingers on the touchpad) on the application. Then select put in the Recycle Bin.

Um ein Programm zu deinstallieren, legen Sie es in den Papierkorb
to uninstall a program, place it in the Recycle Bin

4 if necessary, you must uninstall then enter your admin password and confirm with a click on OK .

Um ein Programm zu entfernen müssen Sie in der Regel Ihr Admin-Kennwort eingeben.
to remove a program, you must enter generally your admin password.

5. to delete the program, you should empty the Recycle Bin. Select to click with the right mouse button on the Recycle Bin icon and empty trash.

Um das Programm endgültig zu entfernen, leeren Sie den Papierkorb.
to remove the program, you empty the trash.

Another way

Delete apps using the Launchpad, to remove programs from the Mac on the Launchpad.

1. open you the Launchpad with the touch of a button on [F4] .

2. Once the programs are to see and hold it (called also [option] ) [alt] pressed.

3. The program icons start to wiggle and X links show up a little on the symbol of installation available apps.

Aus dem Appstore installierte Programme können Sie auch über das Launchpad deinstallieren.
from Appstore installed you can uninstall programs even on the Launchpad.

4. to delete an app, then click the X and then confi rm the question by clicking on delete .

Beim Löschen über das Launchpad müssen Sie die Deinstallation nochmals bestätigen.
when deleting the Launchpad, you need to confirm the uninstallation again.