Understand download area: everything about its closure and my return to 6 questions [Exclusive Guide]

11:19 pm November 29, 201611969

yesterday, download area, the largest illegal download site, was closed by the national gendarmerie. The end of an era for many Internet users. But that’s today ‘ today, barely 24 hours after the closure of the site, it is already back. Back on this episode in 6 questions to understand everything.

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download area, what is?

We hear about for two days, but that’s exactly what download area? As its name suggests, it is a website that allows you to download movies, series, music and other content illegally. These contents are protected by copyright.

But beware, download area does not offer streaming or peer-to-peer, it does not host the content. It’s a kind of directory of links to download content in question.

Download area, it is the 11th most visited site in France with 3.5 million connections per month and 11 000 visitors per day according to the authorities. The prejudice suffered by the rights holders because of that one site would amount to 75 million euros.

If the content available are free, mean that area download does not make any money. The site is paid through advertising often ‘ pornographic’ according to the Secretary general of the SACEM. In total, area download generate 1.5 million euros of turnover per year.

Who are the people behind this site?

At this time, , seven people were arrested and three placed in custody . At this point the police investigation for disclosed no information on those arrested. But according to the SACEM, the administrators of the site that have been placed in custody. The other arrested people would be members of the family of one of them.

All those in custody face up to three years in prison and 300,000 euros fine for infringement. If the load “in organised gang” is chosen, could move to 750 000 euro fine and seven years in prison.

How the site was closed and why is he back already?

If download area was closed this is because the SACEM and ALPA have filed a complaint against him in 2014. The center of luttre against digital crime (C3N) of the mounted police then conducted the survey with the Toulouse research section.

Their investigations led them in Germany and Iceland where servers were seized. Then, seven people have been arrested in France and Andorra which placed three in custody. More arrests could still take place.

But then everything seemed to flounder, today the area download site is back . The problem comes mainly from the slowness of justice and of the procedures for the authorities. According to the SACEM only two servers were seized, but they did not affect the address of the site. Well, other administrators who have not been arrested have use other servers to relaunch the site. We had an example of game of cat and mouse at the closing of The Pirate Bay .

I upload it to the site, should I worry?

From a strictly legal point of view, users who download content on this site in fact appropriated fake files. They can be accused of concealment , as stated in the Secretary-general of the SACEM to our colleagues in the world .

But he explained that is not my goal to tackle Internet users. He could do this by retrieving the IP addresses of users stored in the seized servers. But as he says, , “the goal is before all to tackle the problem at its source, and administrators of the pirate sites that make trade in works.

How to watch my movies and shows?

Area download with return site, the question seems to have no sense. But as it is not impossible that it is again closed, one can therefore legitimately wonder.

Very clearly, as had been the case with The Pirate Bay or even Kickass Torrent , as soon as this type of site is closed another takes over. Often fans retrieve all data to throw under new domain names. And for the rights holders and authorities, a new procedure begins.

And legal services such as Netflix, SCO or channel Play?

However, be aware that since the arrival of Netflix in France, legal supply continues to improve in terms of quality content. If you are fans of the series, you should find your happiness legally on services like Netflix, SCO or channel Play.


pay 10 euros, or half the price of a DVD to access such catalogues is a real step forward. Rest as the problem of the chronology of the media , with regard to films, is a huge black spot. Wait three years after the release of the fim to see it land on such services, it is totally surreal. Especially in the internet.