TWrench: A tool to draw for Twitter [Quick Guide]

2:41 am April 28, 201715252

I. introduction

If you follow IT-Connect, you probably noticed that we organize games contest from time to time, which implies that a draw should be designated to determine the winners. There are different ways to achieve the draw, the most important thing is to be authentic and without cheats.

To achieve a draw, and prove that it is done according to the rules of the art, I used the TWrench tool for the last contest that we used. This free service made the draw instead relying on rules of participation that you configure.

However, this tool is able to take into account only the participation on Twitter and maybe will not match all forms of competition. What only he, the formula that we see almost every time, which is to “ follow + RT ” is fully taken into account.

Let’s go to a demonstration with a contest on Twitter to “Follow + RT 2 accounts” to participate.

II. use TWrench

in the case of TWrench, please indicate the URL of the tweet about the contest game, you can get it directly from Twitter or Tweetdeck. Simply click on the tweet, and then on the icon with the points down right on Tweetdeck or the arrow at the top right on Twitter. You can then access button to copy the tweet link .

Click on “ Copy link ” to copy the link in the tweet.

Then, on the site accessible at the URL TWrench , you need to paste the link to the tweet and click on “ list the tweets “.

You must then configure the draw and the conditions to be included in the list of participants.

You can specify:

  • the number of winners to draw
  • check that the retweet still exists or that the user for liked the tweet
  • check that the user follows well Twitter accounts defined in the rules of the competition

must then connect with Twitter at the origin of the contest account well let’s just say it’s better before the draw can be considered official and linked to your account. Then two choices available to you:

  • make a test print
  • make the final draw

test draw is of course optional but can allow to test the conditions of the contest, especially to be on for taking well in hand the tool. It may be the first time that a draw is made via this tool, then the direct final draw can be done directly.

It is worth noting that TWrench automatically excluded the bots which is positive.

Therefore the final draw is made results are published on the website of TWrench. Anyone can then verify the authenticity of the draw, and of course the winners are displayed on the screen.

There are more to contact them for their announcement the good news! 🙂

what do you think of this tool? Do you use it? Personally I find it simple and effective, it seemed interesting to introduce him.