«««Two monitors with Windows: window quickly assign a screen

2:59 am April 21, 20177310

have you connected two monitors to your PC, the quick placement of programs on the one or the other screen is very convenient.

so you have a have a program monitor, make

  1. the program by clicking on or via [Alt + Tab] in the foreground.
  2. press [Umschalten] + [Windows] + [Pfeil links] to represent the current application on the left monitor.
  3. vice versa it is analog: press [Umschalten] + [Windows] + [Pfeil rechts] for the right monitor.

the system works also with multiple screens. While the above shortcuts move the current program one step further to the right or left.

of course it also works with the mouse which you ship the application to a different location by dragging the title bar. The keyboard shortcuts are but practical. Because if ran the program on a screen in full-screen mode, its window on the newly allocated monitor is represented once again in full size – also, if for other pixel dimensions. With the mouse, however, must turn again until the window in full-screen mode.

here we explain works, by the way, like the technology: to connect a second monitor to your PC at .

Windows 8: to move with the mouse

dragging – fails apps with the mouse at a tile app Windows 8 because the title bar missing to the programs above. Therefore, a different approach is necessary here.

  1. take the mouse cursor to the upper edge of the screen where the desired app currently running.
  2. If you are at the top, the cursor changes to a hand icon.
  3. now hold the mouse button down and drag the mouse pointer on the desired screen.

    Win8 Appfenster ziehen
    Win8 Appfenster draw

  4. as soon as the cursor on the new monitor to see is, will open the app there in full-screen mode and you can release the button.

the start screen shows always on the monitor when you most recently have pushed out an app. This is quite strange, but we know currently no way without any additional programs to display the splash screen and a running app side by side on two screens.

Windows 8: to switch using the keyboard the screen

press [Windows] + [Bild oben] to the current app on the left monitor to slide and [Windows] + [Bild unten] to push it to the right.

on a system with two screens you will notice no difference between two keyboard shortcuts, because the app E.g. when moving back lands to the left on the left monitor on the right monitor. Only from three screens, a difference should be noted.

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