Top 8 best October Android applications [Exclusive Guide]

1:50 am November 1, 201613694

each month, we now offer you to discover applications that most caught our attention. All the themes, except games that have their own ranking. October for been full of novelties, with notably Google which for been very active. For the rest, it is relatively varied. Come on, go for the top 8 of the best applications of the month.

utiliser plusieurs comptes applications android

Google Hello

Google talked about during the last Google I/O, it finally arrived officially on our smartphones. The umpteenth made in Google application called Hello offers a whole new experience of Instant Messaging .

Google Allo

the greatest originality comes no doubt the fact that Google Wizard is able to learn from the user and suggest responses, but also links, images, smilies based on the context.

Whether you adopt it or not, it is essential to test Google Hello. In the United States this is a box. After a month of use can’t be said in France at the moment.

Google play

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ivy android

we continue with an application of customization. There are two in this top. Ivy is actually a sidebar that allows quick access to its applications. The user can choose if he wants to set the bar to the left or right and can choose to view the applications he wants or then set last used apps.

It is also possible to set up an RSS feed that will appear on another bar. The application is still in its infancy and there are still a few small bugs, but nothing nasty. Anyway, the app is free, so you can try it without blinking.

Google play

Circle Sidebar

circle sidebar android

Circle Sidebar is the second application of customization. It is still a navigation bar to which the user may have access at any time, can matter the application it is currently using.

For once, the app is very fluid, fast, and the interface is really nice. Everything is customizable wish. It turned out to be a real tool that will allow you to be even more productive. And the settings are ultra simple. Again it is free with a Pro available for € 1.99 version.

Google play

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Firefox Aurora

firefox aurora android

everyone knows Firefox, or almost. And although Firefox aurora is just a developer version of the web browser. Aurora allows you to take advantage of the latest features and latest news proposed by Mozilla on my browser.

As any developer version, there may be bugs. But overall Firefox Aurora is really smooth and fast. It’s quick and you become more a player in the development of the application since the feedback allows the team to make improvements. And it’s free, of course.

Google play

chrome Canary

chrome canary

Chrome Canary is the counterpart to Firefox Aurora made in Google. It simply comes to Chrome developer version. All the new features of Chrome will be available. But be careful because the browser is not very stable. It is recommended that users started and most experienced. The app can also be planted. Again it is free.

Google play

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cinematics android

a little fun in this world of brutes. If you like the film and the series, you’ll love the Cinematics application. She for nothing original in itself, but its interface is really nice.

You will on this app find the bands ads, info on movies, actors, series, short everything concerning the world of cinema. You can also access the critics. The big plus is really clear, intuitive interface that one takes pleasure to browse.

Google play


digg android Digg already existed on iPhone and finally lands on Android

Digg is another way to learn. The developers responsible for the application include all the most shared content on the networks, who have generated the most reactions, makes debate or even who have received the most positive reviews.

The news are then grouped to create a news feed. Of course, you can customize it at will. The big advantage is that the big media are not prioritized, you can find the bloggers and independent media that produce quality content. Here again, the interface is simple and uncluttered. If you try it you can probably spend more you.

Google play



it’s certainly the greatest applications of this month. The principle is to help each other between users of Android smartphones. If for example you’re the geek service in the family, you will be able to take control on the smartphone to your grandfather who does not know how to access the menu you describe him by phone.

Inkwire will allow you to take control remotely on my smartphone. You first establish a code on both terminals and go! A real treat this app. But nothing prevents you to go see your Grandpa on Sunday anyway.

Google play

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