Top 8 Applications for the money and gifts

6:20 am January 29, 20177074HOW TO

today, more and more people have a smartphone , and this device is used not only to make phone calls or send text messages, you can also earn money with!

Yes, you read that right, your smartphone can absolutely save you money or gifts. And it’s also possible with your Tablet Android or iOS!

To start taking advantage of your device, it’s pretty simple.

In practice, simply install applications Special on your smartphone , which is called paid applications. Very soon, the prospect of earning money or different gifts, will be offered to you!

Of many apps super interesting, running Android or iOS , can now take advantage of each of your moments lost, such as waiting in the bus or subway, or even when you’re in a waiting room. Enjoy these moments where you don’t do nothing special to win either gifts or money!

What is the use of these just apps generating ? Simply answer surveys, test new apps, view ads, etc.

according to the paid apps that you install, you can therefore make money , gift certificates or other types gift .

1 Tap chrono

there is a application for the money ( form gift card). But it is also an application to win presents! First you first register on this site, and then view videos or even downloading of applications listed on the site. Whenever you download an app or you watch a video, you will be rewarded! All of these actions allow the gain of points redeemable either against cards Amazon is against presents especially attractive.

2 FeaturesPoints

this is a application for the money . In principle, after installing it on your smartphone or tablet, your mission will be to test applications proposed by FeaturesPoint .

Each test of a new app will allow you to gain . These points will then be redeemable for money via Paypal payment. They also exchanged the Amazon gift vouchers to be or other. To win more points, the app offers a sponsorship. Each new referral allows you to get extra points, which will be added to your pool.

3. My Survey

this application allows to earn money, while answering surveys online , paid. My Survey offers regular surveys to earn points each time. Ultimately, these points bring in money we can withdraw Paypal via , and this, from 10 euros of gains. Sponsor someone will also give you the opportunity to earn extra points, to the tune of 100 points for each of your referrals that fits in My Survey turn on !

4 AppBounty

AppBounty is a application to make money once this app installed on your Android device or on your Iphone. To earn money with this app, you’ll download apps from AppBounty or games. Each download will allow you to win between 0.05 and 0.60 euros by going to “Offers”. Most downloaded apps there, and more you will earn money. You can also earn points by playing games. Sponsorship is also possible here and many points!

5 AppNana

this application allows to earn money or gift cards. The principle is simple, you install apps available on AppNana and in Exchange, you will win “chicks”, which are equivalent points, to reward you. You can exchange your “girls” against a Paypal transfer or other, as soon as your balance allows, but also against gift cards to use on partner sites. In addition, AppNana offers every day 400 points that are added to your bankroll!

6 ScoopShot

this application allows you to earn money, and thanks to your photos! To do this, you can sell photos you have made, and which are on your phone. You can earn $ 10 (9.29 euros) per photo sold . On this app, you will also have the opportunity to participate in the photo contest.

This is a good way to get publicity, and an interesting opportunity for photography enthusiasts, who want their photos to be known!

7 Toluna

Toluna is a website usable on PC , but it’s also an application to Android devices or iOS . Toluna can make money answering surveys proposed.

You can also give advice on products, or other, a useful opinion Moreover, accessible to every Member of Toluna.

Points earned give money, that can be achieved by bank transfer , or can be redeemed gift cards to use on partner websites. The sponsorship allows, in addition, to get hundreds of points for each registered referral.

8 AppDown

AppDown is a usable on app Android and iOS devices to win points, which will then be converted to money. To get points, download applications via AppDown. The key 100 to 1000 points then downloads, to round off your Kitty. And more you sponsor people and more you extra points! Then get gift cards to use on partner websites or pocket money by Paypal transfer with your points!

As you can see, the winning money or gifts opportunities not, and simply through your smartphone or Tablet !

the installation of these applications to earn money and/or gifts is relatively simple, fast, and allows you to quickly gain its first points, what motivates more to use the apps in question! And more granted rewards are interesting, and more we have to continue. Especially since using these apps when you have free time!

These applications are among those who are the most recommended to install your Android and iOS devices on .

We recommend to “test” a few apps, for several weeks, to check those which you like the most, and with which you quickly get the most points, or money.

We also recommend that you install AppBounty and FeaturesPoint, for which the return is very positive with quick gains, among others.

Indeed, there are allowing to quickly increase its number of points, others that offer a Paypal transfer from 5 euros of gains , which is interesting, especially if the prize pool increases quite quickly!

This will allow you to get an idea of each tested app and to test new, over time.