Top 7 of the best weather apps on Android [Exclusive Guide]

6:20 pm October 27, 20167743

here we are in the fall, but the weather as usual what he wants from us and we sometimes force out in a t-shirt to finally take the compact freshness of a wet evening. That is why to no longer be considered of course by the weather, we offer our top 6 of the best weather apps for Android. 


first thing before getting dressed watch the weather! To help you see more clearly we made a top 5 of the best weather apps, of course here the list is not exhaustive, but provides a good panel to make my choice.


initially, AccuWeather is none other than the web site n ° 1 in the field of weather forecasts . Based in America, private service comes in a multitude of languages and continues to improve to retain its leadership.

The application in it even is really very well done, it’s rather beautiful, good thinking, we easily navigates between menus and weather is really accurate. Smaller, the minutecast , i.e. forecasts two hours to tell you whether it will rain and if so at what intensity, really convenient!

Finally it also offers widgets very simple s that allow to have all the information we want under the eyes. This is probably one of the best weather apps if it isn’t the best, it is not for nothing that manufacturers such as Samsung or HTC based their weather application on AccuWeather.


Weather Pro

weather pro

only paid app of our top, but what application! It’s Meteogroup which offers this application, and it is probably one of the most reliable if it isn’t the most reliable of the weather I could test.

The application itself can be a bit confusing at first, because it is really very complete and as its name suggests, she is really pro. But once it has adopted more of a problem, quickly found all the information you want with extreme precision.

Little more here sending notification in case of bad weather alert . But also being able to see the live weather through webcams. Recently there is a free version, but it loses in option and gains in advertising.



here the emphasis is placed on the aesthetics of the application, including these widgets that integrate very well on any office. The app is really very ergonomic. We move it easily and it is not lost to fetch the information you want.

Little more than this one on the side of educational application that will explain the weather terms we don’t always understand. In addition it offers also some explanatory videos.


Yahoo Weather

we hold with Yahoo the most beautiful weather app that is, if the aesthetics of an application is important to you then you need to Yahoo Weather Weather app. Of course the weather is also very reliable, because it is based on Weather Underground, one network of personal weather stations .

In addition to the weather, Yahoo offers to have a photo behind the weather in relation to the city where we are, this image is from Flickr , the Yahoo photo sharing service.


the weather channel

the weather channel app is the derivative of the famous cable channel that gives the weather constantly. Until a few months ago it would have not been part of this top, because a lot of beug and disastrous, but since a total redesign interface and a passage to the flat design it is more enjoyable.

Of course the weather is really precise with a 15-day forecast , with a few options like the pollen for allergic or then the card of the flu for the hypochondriacs. Finally found the podcasts of the chain directly in the application.



Météo 60 android

most weather applications are linked and alike… Why not test the alternative? With Meteo60, it is the real-time monitoring of precipitation and weather, access to satellite maps directly on your smartphone and the 10 day forecast for your area.

Interface isn’t the most beautiful, even if it is extremely comprehensive… So why my presence in the top? Because it is a community. These are in fact enthusiasts around the world that provide you information, in the purest spirit of Android.

And you can participate in this effort! For this the application built-in one map interactive where you can prevent ongoing weather incidents. That’s good!


weather Sky

présentation application météo ciel

If you want accuracy above all else, why not turn to weather sky? The application offers weather forecasts from A to Z : on short or long term, with forecast maps and live on many elements.

What distinguishes it from others is the fact that it is extremely comprehensive, and offers hour-by-hour forecasts of weather France directly in its interface. Unlike other applications, weather sky has many weather patterns on which fill you.