Top 7 applications Android for cycling [Exclusive Guide]

6:25 pm May 16, 201713340

summer is approaching and with it the temptation every day stronger out the bike in the garage. But to make the most of your trips, don’t you lose and keep track of your performance, bring your Android smartphone with you! So to help you prepare, we chose 7 different applications. Check out them below! 

strava applications android vélo

1 – Strava, for those who like competition

Strava is without a doubt one of the most used applications by cyclists. It allows to keep a large quantity of statistics (distance, allure, vitesse, dénivelé positif, calories dépensées) and provides you with a detailed map of your journey . If you are equipped with a watch that runs on Android 2.0 Wear, you won’t even need your Smartphone! What makes the great strength of the Strava application for the bike, it’s my competitive aspect. On timed portions, you can compare your time to those of the best users . What you push pedal always fast to be at the top of the rankings!

But be careful not to become a “stravasshole”. In the colloquial language of cycling enthusiasts refers to those who do the race performance and thus forget to respect other users. Pay attention to others and respect your environment!

strava application

Runtastic Mountain Bike GPS for cycling in the mountains

Runtastic is best known for with its applications for joggers . But it also offers some versions specifically designed for cyclists. Of these, one is intended to the road but looks a lot like what may offer competition. However, the Mountain Bike GPS Runtastic is particularly interesting. Thus, it offers a vocal coaching, fitness, maps tracking accessible offline and GPS tracking is particularly accurate

Two versions are available. One free and one sold at €4.99. This notably allows you to have access to geolocation, durations and distances downhill, flat, mounted or the integrated music player.

runtastic appli

OpenBike Now, to always find a bike

openbike now applications android vélo

return to the city. For lovers of cycling in cities, it may be difficult to find a self-service with bikes available machine. The Android app OpenBike Now tells you what the nearest available bike you in all the cities of France. The Vélib Parisian to the Smoove in Lorient, through Nice, Rouen and Toulouse.

And if you’re on holiday abroad, take also a look to the application. Less exhaustive, the app offers however data in a large amount of foreign cities such as Barcelona, Toronto, Melbourne and even Riga. You cycle tracks around the world!

openbike now

Bike Gear Calculator for lovers

Bike Gear Calculator is an application on Android for fans of statistics or “the mechanics of the bike”, as its creators describe it. It will allow you to have access to very specific data. As a first step, you need to fill out the characteristics of your machine: cadence, circumference of the tires, crank length…

Then, the application will be able to tell you after a few kilometers if you have a good machine but that you do well. Very quickly, you can use the calculator to find out the number of pedal rotations you need to travel a given distance. Statistics that you can use to improve, but also compare yourself with your friends.

bike gear calculator

Orux Maps to find your way even without network

orux maps vélo applications android

you are in the middle of a long hike and boom. More network. Problem, not sure really where to go and you do not want to give up back on yourself. The solution is simple. Use an application that allows you to download the card before you leave. On this point, the application for bike on Android, the most recommended by cyclists is Orux Maps. And be careful, it is not vague maps.

Some may go to the 1/5000 with contour lines. You upload them to your phone and you just to access it then when your network fails. Attention however, some cards are very large, so better use Wi – Fi and provide space on your phone.

orux maps

Google Maps for the best features in GPS mode

If you’re in the city or have network then Google Map remains without a doubt the best solution for you if you only need its GPS functions. voice navigation, up-to-date information, very accurate maps… Google for made the effort of addressing the audience of cyclists by providing specific routes.

In short, practical application and that you already have in your phone. Why go further if you need a bike GPS on Android application? If you insist, visit our selection of alternatives to Google Maps .

A weather app to see what awaits you

embark you on a great bike tour can be be a bad idea if the weather changes. Bright sunshine to your output can quickly turn into torrential rain according to the season. The ideal is to install a application letting you know the climate that awaits before you leave, but you can also view in real-time to see the latest developments.

Various alternatives are possible depending on your needs, but we still have a soft spot for Meteo60. Powered by enthusiasts, it allows to follow the weather and rainfall in real time. Check out our selection of the best weather apps on Android to find the one need you.