Top 5 applications that are essential for traveling offline [Quick Guide]

3:00 pm May 14, 201711158

it’s going on our Smartphone today and it becomes increasingly easy to have internet everywhere, even when travelling abroad. However, there are times to be without network or even on-site internet local to have SIM-free. It’ll be my case for a few days which gave me the idea to prepare a small selection of useful apps!

By the time you read these lines, we will be on the plane with Magali direction Tunisia and specifically Sousse for 4/5 days in the Sun. When the country permits, I like to have internet on my iPhone, it is always practical and this can help in some cases.

However, with the Tunisia , it’s very complicated to take one option or a SIM walking in the country. Rather than bothering me during the week, I have prepared my phone with a few apps allowing travel offline: maps, points of interest, translation, etc. This is so my selection (Google haters, go your way into party…)!

Navigate with Google Maps

it’s really the basis for app navigate to identify and move in a country. It is possible for a few months now on iOS as on Android take offline a geographical area . By default, is your home which is proposed, but you can put the box of your choice.

I put in my case the city of Tunis (where we’re landing in the case where) as well as the city of Sousse and its surroundings. As you can see, it takes not even 50 MB of storage .

There are many apps that do the same thing but here, you have navigation that works. Why deprive yourself? Available on iOS and Android .

Chat with Google translation

good orientation it is well but communicate with the locals, it may still practice! Although English is very present regardless of the country, I advise you to download the language of the country to travel peacefully offline.

It can still be convenient for translate a word in a restaurant or asking someone information . Too bad, the translation via the camera is not available offline, it would have been very handy, especially for languages that do not use the latin alphabet.

I even downloaded by default the french and English to not be bothered on a daily basis. Available on iOS and Android .

Enjoy with Google Trips

end of last year, Google for announced a new application called Google Trip s. It is based on the emails you receive on Gmail and automatically created a stay on that basis. For example, if you receive your flight confirmation, booking your hotel and entrance to a Museum, everything will be compiled into the application.

Some love for the intrusive side but I still find it handy. It also gives you things to do on-site, practical information on the country, etc.

at the moment, the application is available in English, but it shouldn’t take too long to arrive in French and other languages. Available on iOS and Android .

Surf with Wiffinity

given that we don’t have a 4G connection, must be fall back on Wi – Fi networks for surfing the web and shared our small photos on social networks. I found an app that seems not bad for it, it’s Wiffinity . It aggregates thousands of localized with the password Wi – Fi networks to access.

It is also possible to download the database on a localized area to travel offline. The application is free, without ads and available on iOS and Android .

Buy with Valuta

Finally, the last essential app for me if you plan on traveling offline: a currency converter. There are a lot on the App Store and the Store, this app for the advantage of being very simple to operate offline and it for no ads, if they are offline (as well).

Certainly, the rate will not be updated but in theory, it does not fluctuate that much in a week. If you’re interested, the app handles even the bitcoin! Available on iOS and Android .

Bonus: Spotify and Netflix

I end this selection with two bonus applications: Spotify and Netflix . It is far from essential, but it can help you to spend a few hours on the plane or train. It is possible on each app to download playlists or movies/series offline.

I hope you like this little selection. If you want to see some pictures during my trip (if I find the Wi – Fi), I invite you to follow me from now on Instagram . Good week to you!