Top 15 best alternative locking screens on Android! [Exclusive Guide]

7:34 am February 3, 201714495

The lock screen is the first thing one sees on my smartphone. Notifications, time, shortcuts, many elements are giving us indications we sometimes saving a lot of time. And as on Android we can customize everything, developers offer alternative locking screens to change your experience. Here is a selection of the twelve best.

ecran verrouillage android lollipop

for Android fans do not contradict us, one of the great strengths of the Google OS is the ability to customize almost to infinity. Of course the number of applications from the Store to customize its smartphone is amazing.

And what is the first thing one sees on my smartphone? The locked screen. According to Android smartphones they are already customized with overlays of builders but on stock, the locked screen versions is rather dull.

That never mind, developers offer alternative locking screens rather well thought out to the neat design and which sometimes completely renew the user experience.

But as there are many, I decided to give you a helping hand and offer you a selection of the ten best alternative locking screens . The order for nothing to do with the preferences, it is completely random. The tastes and colors that cannot be discussed. Come on, go!

Cover Lock Screen (beta)

this widget which replaces your lock screen is rather interesting. On the left of the screen you have your applications that appear arranged along the left edge of your smartphone. You can scroll through and choose the application you want to open directly. As a shortcut screen.

Another nice item, you can show applications by theme depending on whether you are at home, at work, in the car or outside. The selection of applications changes based on this theme. This widget is free and in beta (very stable, we had no bug).

Google Play Store

Echo Notification LockScreen

Echo Notification LockScreen appears as a minimalist widget which will perfectly replace your classic lock screen. Very clean, the goal is to improve the autonomy of the smartphone . You have nothing to configure, just choose your priority notifications and are only they that will appear. The widget is free and really nice to use. It was selected by Google among the best applications .

Google Play Store

Dodol Locker

meilleurs écrans verrouillage alternatifs dodol locker

here again this is a widget minimalist but also more complete . You have the choice between display little information or on your home screen. The display is clean and nice interface with welcome animations. Try impractical even though Setup may seem a little complex at first. It’s free and a great number of themes are available for free.

Google Play Store

Go Locker

is no doubt the most well-known alternative locking screens . If you know Go Launcher, which is an alternative application launcher, you will love Go Locker. Here you can configure the notifications that you want to appear.

But this widget is much more complete than others and displays a multitude of parameters such as the sound of the notifications, the choice of the applications concerned, the themes, the choice of the mode of release etc. a great value and a wide choice of themes , free or paid.

Google Play Store

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Lok Lok

this alternative lock screen is certainly the most fun of all . In fact, it displays drawings, text and images that your friends send you. Whenever you turn on your smartphone screen you may be surprised. It’s really very funny but the problem is that your contacts must also have the application to be able to have fun at this game with you. However, this alternative lock screen is really fun.

Google Play Store

Next Lock Screen

this alternative lock screen was created in the famous Garage Microsoft Project that allows Microsoft engineers to work on projects that are important to them. Admittedly, well, that this application is a success.

Really very intuitive, ergonomic and uncluttered. It is a treat to use. It is fully customizable and allows to have a simple ultra access to applications . Sleek and minimalist interface is also attractive.

Google Play Store


Picturesque is the second application of the kind created by Microsoft through the Microsoft Garage project. Here, the Redmond company for focused on the wallpapers. The user can choose them among thousands of wallpapers available on its Bing service.

More information from this search engine are available: News, weather, search etc. bar The interface is very clean and everything is well thought. The application is free and very easy to use.

Google Play Store

Slide Lock

no we have not forgotten! Slide Lock is part of this top. is probably the most famous with Go Locker of alternative locking screens. And it is also one of the more minimalist. And to cause it draws heavily on the iPhone lock screen. He does what we ask him, no frills. Slide Lock is based on the gestures (like on the iPhone) for experience, he must admit, really nice. It’s clean and intuitive.

Google Play Store


start écran verrouillage alternatif

this is without a doubt one of the best displays of alternative locking . It is extremely minimalist, but it’s also the most complete level of customization. Intuitive at all levels, even to set it up, the experience is entirely renewed with Start . If you haven’t tried it yet, you can go is a killer.

Google Play Store


acdisplay meilleur écran verrouillage alternatif android

so here it reached the pinnacle of minimalism but it is a pure joy. And with AcDisplay you’ll be surprised to see the autonomy of your smartphone skyrocket. Everything is based on the text and icons of minimalist notifications .

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the screen stays black, and notifications appear in white. You want to know why the Twitter icon, tap and hold with your finger and the text will be displayed. It’s beautiful, simple and clean. A real pleasure.

Google Play Store

Locker Master

If you like push the customization at its maximum , then Locker Master is made for you. This application is certainly the most complete on this ground. It allows to select everything in the smallest details thanks to a catalog of wallpapers very comprehensive and extremely numerous customization options.

The big advantage of this application is thatIt offers almost endless possibilities in its free version. There are sometimes a few bugs but nothing very disturbing, especially as they are rare.

Google Play Store

ZUI Locker

ZUI Locker is probably the most elegant app of all. And besides it is very complete since it offers a large number of combinations of features and customization options. The themes are very numerous and very well made widgets. All seems light and sleek, with a fluidity disconcerting. It’s probably the best lock for this selection screen.

Google Play Store


Hi Locker offers an interface that will remind stuff to CyanogenMod users. Design is modeled on that of the most common alternative ROM. The principle is simple: we swype from the lock screen to the application you want to access them directly from this screen. Of course, personalization options are available with wallpapers and various other options.

Google Play Store

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Solo Locker

Solo Locker was previously known as DIY Locker. As its name suggests, it is an application focused on personalization. It’s simple, you can do it all yourself. The goal is to create your own my lock screen. To do this, you will be able to choose your wallpapers, your methods of unlocking, widgets etc. Everything is customizable, everything is custom. Really top, and free.

Google Play Store

NextNews Lock Screen

nextnews lock screen

NextNews Locker should appeal to lovers of info. This is a information-based lock screen. It delivers a selection of information actually on the lock screen, as is already the case for example on smartphones Samsung with Flipboard.

You can of course customize all choosing themes, media and flow that interest you the most. Of course, you are encouraged to include Phonandroid and Papergeek in your small selection.

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