Top 12 best free Android games playable offline [Exclusive Guide]

7:31 pm November 21, 20167823

mobile games are good distractions in the worst moments of our lives, as long journeys by train or waiting rooms where the hours seem to be extended. But many of them require a permanent internet connection, which is not necessarily easily accessible. Here, we offer you a top best games free playable entirely offline.


Mobile gaming evolves from year to year. Having spent my debut to be only a quick entertainment for owners of products high range, it is today a habit entrenched in the population and participated in the integration of video games in popular culture.

Whether you’re on the train, in the waiting room at the hospital or quietly at home, they are often the best defence we have against the boredom of daily situations. But many of them, particularly in the free titles on Android , appeal to our internet connection, preventing us to appreciate when the network leave us.

Don’t panic: some titles are not so, and Let’s now compile you the best tracks fully playable offline on your phone . What to spend a ride in the car or on the train without worrying about a vacant 4G.

Shadow Fight 2

fighting games have always had great potential and easy entertainment, for the simple fact that a round lasts for only 99 seconds and that the potential of these games is unlimited. With Shadow Fight 2, developers of Vector came back with a game featuring the shadows on sublime scenery, that allows you to customize your fighters in abundance with many styles of armor and weapons. What to spend hours testing many combinations, while enjoying a story mode at the RPG sauce very well done. The best travel companion whether.


GT Racing 2

racing games are many mobile platforms. GT Racing 2 builds on what is expected of such a title: controls using the gyroscope, many cars and clean graphics. The particularity of this one is to be able to customize the controls related to the screen, to find the position of the most comfortable game for you. It’s a title long enough to guarantee hours of fun!


Robot Unicorn Attack 2

automatic scrolling platform games are legion on Android, but the Adult Swim studio productions are never put away. And for a very simple fact: they have humor for them. In Robot Unicorn Attack 2, you’ll control a Unicorn of the angelic or demonic clan (of your choice) and will pass through many levels where you need to jump, dasher and attack many enemies to get out. A pure play to score of course, but that propelled by a Unicorn takes a very special flavor when you get bored.


Angry Birds 2

license may be out of fashion, but it must be recognized that its games remain more than effective as soon as it comes to boredom does for a few minutes. Angry Birds 2 back on the front of the scene the iconic gameplay of the game, making you launch birds with various capacities on the constructions of these infamous pigs! With a small funny storyline universe, and progressively more difficult levels, it is difficult to lose track of time on this title!

Solitaire Decked Out

the all agree: we have, at least once in our life, was pretty annoyed to launch lonely on our computer. And we didn’t necessarily expect that this game, seemingly so simple, either as fun! With Solitaire Decked Out, you find the most popular card game in Windows with very relaxing graphics and a unique atmosphere. What restore once again the image of one of the oldest, but still as captivating games.


Simon Tatham’s Puzzles


to continue the same theme of old games, what’s better than a compilation of the best tracks from the beginning of the computer age? With Simon Tatham’s Puzzles, you will find the more complex puzzles of this era where one did not take the player to a fool. And Yes, I’m sure that you were all waiting for: Minesweeper is present in this one!


Unblock Me

simple principles are often the best on mobile. Unblock me, you need to rearrange a sequence of blocks of wood in order to pass a certain block by the hole left in the maze. A simplistic appearance does not mean a simple game, because the last levels in this puzzle game will be a real test for your brain! Big bonus given to those arriving in the fewest possible strokes.


SimCity Build It

management games have always had a special place on our smartphones and tablets. Also, the lighthouse of Electronic Arts SimCity license had to have a representative on the platform. And they don’t themselves are fortunately not missed with Build It, construction and management of city Simulator allowing you to live your wildest dreams by building great cities while managing the happiness of your people.


Shattered Pixel Dungeon

If you like good little RPG rogue-like at that time NES, or that have a title like The Legend of Zelda on your phone attracts you, you can easily hang on to Shattered Pixel Dungeon which you propose to explore sewers and face creatures huge in search of the best equipment for your character. A tribute to headlines, which makes it a very good game on mobile!


Kingdom Rush

the tower defence have always had a special place on mobile, and Kingdom Rush is no exception to this rule. You implement your strategy in order to resist the hordes of trolls, goblins and black magicians who want to attack your Kingdom! With graphics and a very successful ambiance, it is one of the best available mobile currently.


Survive: wilderness survival


have you ever experienced the game Oregon Trail? Game board or video game adaptation, he asked to be the architect of the survival of many people by building their water collection, food and their free time. The same principle applies here in this game of survival in the forest, that you will manage a team in order to survive in the merciless nature.


The Silent Age

if it is a kind of game that for experienced a new life thanks to the advent of smartphones and tablets, it’s the point’ don’t click! Adventure games are perfectly tuned to the platform because they require very specific controls. And if you dreamed of back in the 1970s, the Silent Age will be perfect for you with my hero to Fonzie-like with a big mustache who will have to travel in a dystopian future where silence reigns and the extravagance of the 70 s. A program!


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