Top 10 best games Android of the month of October 2016 [Exclusive Guide]

12:05 am November 2, 201611839

we are officially in November, which means that winter is about to attack you, and it is better to take the bus or the tram rather than go quietly walk in your favorite places… A good opportunity to get out my smartphone all in all! October was particularly rich in game, as we offer you the best games released this month!


each month, many applications out on the Google Store and often drown in the mass, making it difficult to bring out the good from the bad. Don’t worry, however, since Phonandroid watch!

So here’s the best games being released during the month of October on the platform, free games to experiences the most profound and often have to pay. Who knows, some could even join our top of the best free games on Android ?

Banner Saga 2

you are not without knowing the existence of Banner Saga, the series of video games released both on PC and on mobile platforms. It is a tactical RPG extremely well-run which will have pleased fans of the genre upon its release. Its sequel is now available, and the icing on the cake: she is still cheaper than the first episode out! Download urgently.


Batman The TellTale Series

it will been slow… Already released in almost all possible platforms, the Telltale Batman will put 2 additional months to arrive on Android. But fortunately he did it in the best possible context, with the immediate availability of all the episodes released so far. In this game, you play as both Batman than Bruce Wayne, while your choices affect the history of the game and the way in which your hero will behave as well with my enemies… that my allies. One of the best series ever created by the developer, having sought and fun gameplay mechanics. The first episode is free!


Lara Croft: Guardian of Light

If you were missing a proof on the fact that our phones are now as powerful as consoles, Square Enix decided to bring out my great Lara Croft: Guardian of Light on Android! Released originally on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, it is a game of Enigma and cooperation making you explore many countries looking for lost treasures. Excellent!


FIFA Soccer Mobile

the end of the year is of course the opportunity for fans of sports games to find the new versions of their favorite title, especially FIFA as part of football fans. The mobile version does the same with FIFA Mobile Soccer, which is updated to provide new players and teams of this season: 30 leagues, 650 teams and 17 000 players are waiting for you!


plants VS Zombies Heroes

Plants VS Zombies was initially a small tower defense developed by PopCap, but for since evolved to become a lucrative license paying also my universe to a FPS… and a card game now with PvZ Heroes now available on mobile! Its gameplay is pretty close to Hearthstone without putting the collection forward, but much more the strategy like a Royal Clash. A good past time in a universe of adorable and funny!


The Bug Butcher

mobile platforms, because of their limitations, often saw rise from the movements of the video game from early hours of the consoles. The Bug Butcher is a perfect example, bringing back to the fore of the formulas as Metal Slug or Contra would not deny. It is a game of shoot and platform to the cartoon atmosphere, but the stylized animations and many game modes. Its deep gameplay alongside a healthy dose of humor for our greatest happiness. Try, adopt it.


Burly Men At Sea

not really a game strictly speaking, Burly Men at Sea is a folk tale featuring three bearded fishermen. Your role in this story is to be the storyteller, gives you the opportunity to influence the scenario. Relatively short, its main interest lies in the beauty and humor of my story, but also the ability to replay in order to change the course.


the Skyfish legend

If you like video games, you are not without knowing The Legend of Zelda, the flagship of Nintendo exploration license. Legend of the Skyfish is a tribute to this one, and will put you in the shoes of a fisherman to release its congeners of an invasion. Program: exploration, dungeons and puzzles to the control of a small red fisherman wielding a special fishing rod with many uses. If you like Zelda, impossible that you fall in love with this one.


Crap! I’m Broke: Out of Pocket

If you play to get away from everyday life, maybe you should go your way. But if you acknowledge that even the more boring work can become the best games, so Crap! I’m Broke can be done for you. It is a kind of simulator of real life in which you’re broke. You will need to find a job and manage your bills to get out you every month! Version video game, of course, so very fortunately fun.


Dan the Man

Mobile, very few have been games that have too much market Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride… It falls well, since the same developer is back with Dan the Man, always free to download. It is a platform and action game in style, pixel art, superb, very nervous and have many levels. To return to the source, it for challenge renewing each day allowing you to earn coins for your upgrades. Significant bonus, it supports Bluetooth gamepads!


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