Top 10 best games Android of the month of February, 2017 [Exclusive Guide]

4:11 am March 3, 201711891

the month of February is now over, so it’s time to make our selection of the best games released this month. As the Mobile World Congress winds down, the developers have not unworthy side Play Store: many titles are out, sometimes simple and effective, sometimes really ingenious: here are the best!

Jeux Android Play Store

on the Google Play Store, hundreds of games come out every week or even thousands. Difficult to sort out in this highly competitive market, especially as it is struggling to make himself a ranking of the best games released.

Don’t worry, we are here for! After a month of January in games , it’s time to focus on the best titles released during the month of February. And yet once again, we were spoiled!

Fire Emblem Heroes

cannot be spent beside this month: Fire Emblem Heroes, the second free Nintendo game , was released on Android! The opportunity to find all the heads known mythical license from the Japanese manufacturer, in a simplistic but not devoid of interest tactical game. He appealed enormously to the collection, but its more accurate than the standard economic model makes it a great value on mobile. Download urgently, more so that it is free and does not really request to checkout!

A Boy and my Blob

A Boy and my Blog is a complete overhaul of a classic of the era NES , which you play as a little boy and my… blob, you’ll understand. Here, you will be in front of a mix of platforms and puzzles, while you will need to hand out candy to your blob to make him take many forms in order to free your passage. Released originally on Wii, it was re-released for the mobile that makes my job, even if she is not yet superbly optimized.


speaking of reissue, you remember Myst? The classic exploration game, which will be launched a kind to him alone, is back on mobile! He will take to you to explore a mysterious island and thwart its puzzles, simply admiring the view. This new mobile edition for been completely redesigned for mobile, by ignoring a too heavy to focus on contemplation interface. Note that this reissue includes also all extensions outputs for this first episode. A must!

Batman Arkham Underworld

If you have not had your dose of the video game, Batman Arkham Underworld Arkham universe allows you this time to control a nice gallery of iconic villains of the series. In this cross between an action game and a creator of environment, you will be able to attack your enemies, raise your experience to gain skills, but also recruit minions to guard your fortress freshly mounted safe. A very friendly game, not what to find the Arkham universe one last time.

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2

if it is a kind of game that for been a new life thanks to mobile games, and particularly with the shelves, they are adventure games so-called ‘ point’ point’n ‘. Here, we are dealing with a new Member of this great family, who blithely parody universe heroic fantasy with humor and love. The great strength of the game is to propose dialogue all doubles in English, and a universe made in beautiful 3D. The game for is no in-app purchases, a great force in the field of mobile games. An adventure in which to dive!

Strange phone

If you like the retro aesthetic and strange universe, Strange phone is made for you. It is a game of adventure to the rather special concept: heroin Jill is stuck in a parallel dimension. Home, she will have to appeal to a strange phone that will carry it in a parallel dimension for each back issue. The goal is to collect several important artifacts in these dimensions to be able to go home. Aesthetically well done, and very addictive, it does not have a phenomenal level of English to be played: a very good companion on smartphone.

Heart Star

the tributes to the 8 and 16-bit era nostalgic designs continue to rain on the Store. But it is rarely as cute as Heart Star, which puts you in the shoes of two characters to work turns to succeed to pass a trap-filled room. It’s very cute, the soundtrack is perfect, and really taking gameplay. What fun good hours, especially since the game is free! Like what, there is no need to show violence for fun on a game.

City of Love: Paris

speaking of love, Ubisoft also released a particular game this month with City of Love: Paris, a dating game (let’s be clear) putting you in the shoes of a young woman left the capital seeking love. Pretty well done, we appreciate that the kind finally offers us a female point of view, being usually dominated by Japanese productions from a male point of view. It’s even fun for men, and rather well written!

Sky Dancer

we have sometimes not really time to consider more than two minutes on my smartphone, and it’s in these moments that the endless runner are the most popular. Sky Dancer is a newcomer to the genre, with a promise: the fall is as important as the race. The goal of the developer is to give you the sensations of a dizzying fall in the parachute… We will reserve on that, but will not forget to highlight the beautiful environments of the title and its dreamlike atmosphere.

Lords of the Fallen

the cute and artistic, it’s going well, 5 minutes. What have we done our big Spears and swords and our hellish monsters? No problem: for this we have Lords of the Fallen. If you know the series Infinity Blade, you will not get lost in this title where block, Parry and attack at the right moment is your only chance of salvation. This game is a companion of the title console and PC of the same name.