Top 10 best games Android of the month of April 2017 [Exclusive Guide]

12:45 am May 2, 201712831

April was rich in outings fun on Android and it is high time to offer you the best in the field, history of feed as it should your smartphone and/or its expensive tablet. So here’s our round up of the best games of the month of April.

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the month of April ends, giving us the opportunity to silence the adage ‘don’t discover you a thread’ to rather do what it pleases us. But it would be a shame to retain than that of the last 30 days.

Indeed, many developers have regaled us many games on the Store Play. Don’t miss the best titles among the hundreds being released on this period, here are our top of the best to discover urgently!

Guardians of the Galaxy by TellTale

you are not without knowing TellTale Games, responsible among others of the series The Walking Dead on tablet. The developer for become the darling of the well-known licenses videogame adaptations. And after Batman DC Domics, it’s the turn of the guardians of the Galaxy under their claws. The first episode was made available in the month of April, and allows you to integrate the team to battle Thanos and the Kree while managing your team and my mood, of course. Very funny and well done, it’s a safe bet this month.

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real Boxing Manny Pacquiao

If you do not know the Real Boxing series on mobile, lean on it! These boxing games are among the best available on Android, with deep gameplay and an easy grip is still linking to very nice graphics. This month, the game for a new version in honor of Manny Pacquiao, the great champion of boxing who held major titles in no less than 8 different weight categories. You will be able to take in hand, or even create your own Boxer to enter the arena!

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Age of Empires: Castle Siege

did you know that Windows 8 and Windows Phone had the right to a few exclusive games? Well Yes, it is also discovered. But nothing more natural in the context of Age of Empires: Castle seat, developed directly by Microsoft, which is now available on Android! Further evidence of the abandonment of my bone by the developer, but above all a very good game to try on your mobile. You will take control of a civilization to the choice in the stone age, and must conquer many castles to advance your base while defending it. A good adaptation of the RTS gameplay on mobile, to be tested at least once.

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N.O.V.A Legacy

What started as a copy without telling the Crysis license for quickly evolved to become its own licence at Gameloft. We are of course talking N.O.V.A, which for long been evidence that mobile games had something to offer gameplay and the graphics very deep despite the use of a touch screen. This episode for a very simple premise: you play as a veteran of the N.O.V.A is to rethread my suit to help the Organization regain control of a planet overrun by aliens. This hides always a nervous shooting game and explosions to never-ending, a formula known but still effective. An online multiplayer mode is also available!

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Planescape: Torment

Attention to youth: this name might tell you. But for others, it is synonymous with one of the largest RPG in the history of the video game. Planescape Torment came out on Android, and for not lost its old flavor. Get ready for more than 50 hours of play during which you’ll face strange aliens, dialogue with the world that surrounds you to solve the mysteries of the universe. A great classic of the RPG finally accessible to the greatest number, and small price!

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Sword of Shadows

a different kind of game that for experienced a great resurgence on mobile is other than that of the hack’slash. Kind popular licenses such as Dynasty Warriors or Sengoku Basara, he finds perfect sense on mobile where the touch does not prevent the simple pleasure of cut crowds of enemies. And he found my perfect representative with Sword of Shadows, one of the titles the best built in recent months allowing you to embody a master of 5 different martial art schools to go cut tons of enemies. A lot of content, atypical modes such as battles in the air, and the graphics to couple the breath: winning formula.

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nonstop Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris also quickly became a legend of the internet as a joke out of fashion on social networks. But you can’t help but smile almost shamefully to the arrival of Nonstop Chuck Norris on mobile: an action game in which you save the multiverse as the star of Walker Texas Ranger, of course. And since it’s the good Chuck, everything is a weapon: chainsaw, bat and poles to selfies are combined with the famous shots of fists and feet of the American star. Apart from the obvious joke, this is a pretty good game that is playable offline and more!

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the Orange Pixel studio isn’t at my first game on mobile. It’s the developer who for offered us Heroes of Loot 2, a game is already recommended you warmly. With angry, he returned in 2D with an action platform game inspired best titles of the Metroidvania genre. You take control of a man equipped with a delirious robotic armor to browse many randomly created levels. Your goal is not only to complete the level without dying, but also to find the best possible equipment to defeat the boss in the game. Varied, always pleasant and offering good challenges, this is a game not to be missed!

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Lumino City

Noodlecake is also part of the studios to follow on mobile. The creators of Alto’s Adventure, the last of their production with a resounding success, return with Lumino City. A game with a very simple but effective principle: as you can see in the video, all of the environments you will pass through in the game are handmade! Suffice to say that the game pops out retinas as not allowed. Which does not have a very good gameplay besides: you play as a little character from level to level in search of mechanisms to operate its various puzzles. More than charming and very addictive.

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super Metal Boy Adventures

not the first and certainly not the last, into the acronym “SMB” in tribute to Super Mario Bros., Super Metal Boy Adventures puts you in the shoes of a little boy still with many weapons (we always start earlier decidedly) to go through various levels in Super Mario sauce. Nothing very innovative in the concept of course, but a little well done game that is a pleasure to play.

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and here’s to the best titles released during the month of April now finished! Stay tuned on Phonandroid to discover shortly the best applications outputs over the same period.