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2:58 am April 1, 201712777

on Mac OS X with OS X is the ability to use multiple desktops (also called “spaces”). Of this work surfaces can turn add up to 15, then a maximum 16 desktops.

but how do you set up multiple desktops?

  1. work surfaces add to button to work surfaces, go to the mission control .
    • In the normal case is the mission to achieve control over the key [F9] .
    • on notebooks and small Mac keyboards come with [Fn – F3] or [F3] in the mission control.
    • Alternatively find the icon for the control mission in the dock bar.
    • If this does not work, open the search with [Befehl – Leertaste] and enter mission control as a search term. Then, you start the program.
  2. arrived in the mission control see existing desks and running applications.
  3. to add an additional work surface, slide the mouse pointer in the upper-right corner of mission control.
  4. a new desktop out then peeps from the corner.
  5. the new desktop clicking on it brings to the fore, and you can use it.

read here how toggle between the work area .

Virtuelle Desktops hinzufügen
click on the plus sign right in the corner you add up a new virtual desktop.

Virtual Desktop remove

  1. open mission control as described above.
  2. you move the mouse pointer over the desktop you want to remove.
  3. after a moment a small cross appears in the window in the upper-left corner.
  4. click on the cross removed the additional desk.

what are multiple desktops?

help especially when you want to simultaneously work with multiple applications and still keep the spaces. Then are, for example, mail and Web browser on a desktop, the photo program on the second, and word processing on the third.

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