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probably you want to disable caps lock also. Because this permanent conversion to uppercase (‘CapsLock’) is annoying, if man she unintentionally to schalet. Here the caps make useless our tips help. 

so you can disable the caps lock key

  1. Capslock.zip download the archive file and unzip to any directory.
  2. of the two files you call caps_lock_still.reg from this directory.
  3. now appear one after the other two warnings, because changes to the registry are potentially dangerous. Confirm these questions.

    Vorm Einarbeiten der REG-Datei in die Registry warnt Sie Ihr PC vor potentiellem Schaden.
    Warns against incorporating the file into the registry, your PC from potential damage.

  4. after the entry of the data in the registry, you restart the computer.
  5. then the unloved button should have lost their function.
  6. caution: any existing redefinition of key bindings, such as for Cyrillic character are overwritten with the entry.

you want to again use later the key, use the other file caps_lock_lebt.reg and reboot the PC.

these caps can greatly annoy

by the way: you can find here also a tip how to assign via utility any keys or disable .

caps lock manually shut down

the featured reg file creates only a new entry in your registry. If a downloaded file is too uncertain to you, or your local policy does not allow it, you can even cause same effect.

  1. to start the program regedit.exe and moving up through to the following entry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlKeyboard layout
  2. click on the item with the right mouse button and select binary value new -.

    Capslock manuell deaktivieren
    CapsLock manually disable

  3. as name then a ‘Scancode map’ and following as the value hex numbers
    00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 00 00 3A 00 00 00 00 00
  4. Unfortunately, the input window for binary values allow no insertion on the Clipboard, so that you have to actually enter this string of numbers.
  5. as with the previous version is the caps lock button turned off only after a reboot.

delete the applied entry to recover and restart your PC.

Windows XP: in Windows XP one at a time per once measures against accidental CapsLock

, click start – Control Panel – Accessibility – Accessibility .

enable enable the item status display.

click on OK at each key press NumLock, CapsLock, roles hear a warning tone.

this tip also works with older versions of Windows to return to Windows 98. Select start – Control Panel – Accessibility options .

Statustöne in Windows
status tones in Windows enable