«««To start Windows in safe mode

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you should start Windows if something does not longer work. Read here how to do it.

safe mode in Windows 8/10

  1. click with the right mouse button on the start icon and select shutdown or logoff . (If you use Windows 8, press [Win – D].
  2. now press and hold the [Umschalten] and click Restart to .
  3. a selection for the boot options will appear after a short time. Click troubleshooting herein.
  4. from here you shimmy up the following selection further: troubleshooting advanced options settings try to restart.
  5. opens the screen PC settings. General, select the section links and click on advanced startup options right on the button now restart.
  6. Windows shuts down and brings a menu with different options at the restart.
  7. to select item 4 or 5 here, depending on whether you want to start safe mode with or without network driver .
Abgesicherter Modus in Windows 8 und 10 aufrufen
after a restart with the toggle button select the troubleshooting

Tip: in the menu with the item troubleshooting you come too, if Windows for failed the third restart behind. You can restart so twice Windows activation during start-up by pressing the reset button and the third time it is automatically to the menu where you can trigger safe mode via troubleshooting , etc.

reboot the PC and press the button [F8] , as soon as he tries to start Windows safe mode in Windows 7

  1. . You can push this button easily several times after each other, so that she will be recognized at the right moment.
  2. now advanced startup options appear. Select safe mode the first entry from this list.
  3. under circumstances see the entries also in English. In this case, select safe mode .
  4. after a short time, Windows 7 in safe mode is started.
Windows 7 im abgesicherten Modus
secured to start mode in XP and Vista
  1. to the safe mode of Windows 7 in safe mode

, when loading Windows XP must press in time [F5] , in Windows Vista the key [F8] .