To rotate a photo with your iPhone

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you want to turn on the iPhone photos? This helps when images are lopsided. Photo of the iPhone app can be correctly set out the pictures – either very fine or in 90-degree increments.

on the iPhone and iPad, your images in the app are stored photos . If you so recording later correct a want to start the app and open the album where the photo is located in it. Read more here, if you a want to turn recorded video on the iPhone.

(Die folgenden Tipps funktionieren auch mit dem iPad).


  1. turn on the iPhone, tap the picture you want to rotate.
  2. then, tap the edit -icon. This is indicated by the three stacked controls.
  3. , tap the icon for the crop. This is the square with the protruding lines at two corners.
  4. soon thereafter display a degree below the image.
  5. lay your finger and flick left or right. The rotation of the image changes accordingly.
  6. you save the change by tapping the small check mark icon.

then the rotated image is saved. If you want to undo the changes at a later time, tap on the image, and then click the red arrow icon. Then select back to the original .

iPhone Fotos drehen
the small square rotates the pictures 90 degrees clockwise direction with the arrow in.

Photos on the rotate iPhone 90 degrees

  1. repeat the steps 1-3 from the section photos on the iPhone turn .
  2. you tap the little square with the curved arrow in.
  3. with each tapping the image rotates 90 degrees against the clockwise direction.
  4. as soon as you are satisfied with the rotation, tap on the small check mark.

Tip: tapping the large blue X cancels the whole action and return to the workspace.

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