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it happens that when you click the store icon opens the associated window, activity monitor works a little , but then disappears the program without further comment.

To return a defective store up and running, there are three possible solutions.

Try them in turn, until the Appstore you up and running again.

Updates have the simplest solution let

is based on the hope that Microsoft now for recognized your specific problem with the store and provides a solution in the form of a system update.

  1. To invoke from the start menu: settings – update and security – Windows Update .

    Windows Updates prüfen
    Windows Update check

  2. In the window, click on the button for updates look then .
  3. If there are updates that might fit the description here, let go through, and then try the store again.

Reset Utility

Microsoft know apparently the problems with the store and for therefore the same supplied a private utility to reset the application: the tool wsreset.exe .

  1. Enter the term “wsreset” in the search box in the taskbar.

    Wsreset aufrufen
    Wsreset invoke

  2. the program should then as shown in the screenshot in the hits show up.
  3. Click it, possibly opens a small window of the command line. Wait, until it is by alone closes and then try the store again.

Delete cache files manually

like of the browser of the store also for a cache. Whose data can be responsible for the broken store.

  1. Call the window of [Win – R] run
  2. you enter there: %HOMEPATH%AppDataLocalPackages
  3. Das opens the file Explorer and brings it to a directory in your personal folder.
  4. In the list of contained directories, locate an entry, the with “Microsoft. WindowsStore_” starts. Behind it is still an alphanumeric code that is different for each system.

    Windows Store Cache finden
    Find Windows store cache

  5. you go to this directory and to the “Local Cache” folder. In one of our systems the current folder looks for example like this.

    Windows Store Local Cache
    Windows store local caching

  6. the directory contained “perUserCache…” delete.
  7. Try out the store again. I hope it worked!

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