«««To maximize, resize and position Windows in Windows

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Windows a handy feature brings to window to shrink or to position, how you want it. See how easy you can get these actions.

so you minimize a window

the fastest way to do this is the keyboard shortcut [Win] + [Pfeil nach unten].  The window is in full-screen mode, see it after this keyboard shortcut first in its previous size and must press the shortcut again to minimize.

Alternatively, click the icon for the desired program in the taskbar or use the small button at the right top of the window.

Knopf Fenster minimieren
this icon minimizes a window.

Resize all Windows and Windows desktop

make free to invoke an object on the desktop quickly, you must often minimize a number of program until it for cleared up the virtual stack of Windows.

simple do it using the key combination [Windows + D] (mnemonic: “Desktop”) or a special, newly added Windows 7 taskbar button.

all right you will find a rectangle that looks quite inconspicuous.

Biutton Desktop anzeigen
Biutton desktop viewing

click once on it, all open Windows of the screen disappear and you have free view on the desktop. Once again click restores the previous state.

there are also available in Windows 8 and 10 this area. However, that is not so obvious. As soon as you but move the mouse pointer in the lower-right corner and click the rectangle can be seen. If the click does not immediately work, move the mouse pointer again from the corner out. Then resize the window.

to bring a window to full screen size

  1. click with the left mouse button on the top of the window and hold down the mouse button.
  2. and then drag the window to the top edge of the screen.
  3. as soon as the mouse pointer above reaches the edge, a small circle appears around the mouse pointer around briefly. Also, border lines indicating that the window is magnified.
  4. as soon as you release the mouse, the window to full screen size is brought.
  5. to shrink the window again, click on the top bar of the window, hold down the mouse button and pull down the window. The Windows window then gets back its original size and can be freely positioned.

analogous to the keyboard shortcut for minimizing you can to maximize the combination of [Win] + [Pfeil nach oben] use.

an alternative method to get the window with the mouse to full screen size, is to click twice in the top of the window. Also then enlarges the window to full screen.

If this behavior of Windows bother you, you can turn off also the magnification window (see below).

window to full height pull, but keep the width

also if you want to move the window to the full height of the screen, Windows provides an easy way.

  1. run the mouse pointer over the top edge of the window, it turns into a double arrow.

    Doppelpfeil an der oberen Fensterkante eines Windows-7-Fensters
    Then double arrow on the upper edge of the window of a Windows 7 window

  2. you drag the mouse pointer when mouse button is pressed all the way up to the edge of the screen.
  3. on reaching the edge of the a line indicates what the outline of the window will look like when you let go of the mouse pointer.

    Windows 7: Vorschau, wie groß ein Fenster nach dem Aufziehen sein wird.
    Windows 7: Preview, a window will be as great after mounting.

  4. as soon as you release the mouse, the window is enlarged so that it occupies the full height of the screen.

align window shortcut keys

in combination with the cursor window using keyboard shortcut can be quickly set.

the effects this always refers to the currently selected window.

[Win] + [Pfeil links] maximized on monitor half-width, left-justified
[Win] + [Pfeil rechts] maximized on monitor half-width, right-aligned

the last two keyboard shortcuts own just fine for two Windows for comparison purposes to align itself. You want to compare the technical data of two devices directly in the browser set in the browser with [Strg] + [N] in a new window and place through the combinations both browser Windows side by side.

Zwei Fenster nebeneinander platziert
good for comparisons: two side by side placed window

when using multiple screens there are still more keyboard shortcut to place Windows on one monitor . Quickly arrange

all Windows

Windows provides an easy way to arrange all open Windows from taskbar out quickly. Click with the right mouse button on the clock right down on the Windows desktop.

Optionen zum Anordnen der Fenster auf dem Windows-7-Desktop to arrange the Windows on the Windows desktop

select one of the following options


cascade ordered the window slightly offset each other lying on.

window stacked the show window arranged so that they are displayed one above the other.

show side by side arranging the Windows so that they appear side by side window.

the selected collation can be done… Undo with also each release.

with a shaking trick make you disappear the Windows Desktop window

Windows for a funny trick to make all Windows except the current disappear.

click the mouse pointer on the top of the window that is to remain open. Hold down the mouse button and move the mouse quickly back and forth.

after recently “shaking”, automatically all the Windows except for the currently selected zoom out. A nice way to get the desktop free of superfluous Windows.

again shaking restores the previous state.

you can open of course down again the window from the Windows taskbar.

turn off

automatic zooming in and arranging Windows when you move a window to the top of the screen in Windows, it increases automatically on screen size. This is in itself useful, but not everyone wants this behavior.

in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 turn off

turn off the window Vergrößerug, open the start menu of Windows 7 Control Panel . Then click on ease of access change how of the mouse.

select the option prevent that window will automatically be… arranged

Automatisches Vergrößern von Fenstern abschalten
turn the automatic zoom window

click on OK window autogrow is turned off.

in Windows 10 turn off

on Windows 10 turn off the automatic docking of the window so:

  1. click the button for the start menu
  2. you choose multitasking
  3. settings – system – disable the switch automatic placement of Windows by this system allow…
Automatisches Andocken in Windows 10 abschalten
turn the automatic Docking Windows 10