«««To make Windows a program icon in the system tray

3:58 am March 28, 201715226

If you place its program icon in the system tray, in Windows you can reach an application faster than from the start menu and have always available.

to create a program icon in the system tray

  1. first of all, locate the program. To do this, use the search box in the taskbar or use the keyboard shortcut [Windows – Q] , to open the search window for apps on Windows 8.
  2. you enter a part of the program name. The search results appear with the entered letters.
  3. find your program here and click it with the right mouse button.
  4. select to taskbar pin .  Windows 10 the program directly from the start menu would lay out in the system tray, click on more > and PIN then click to taskbar.

    Windows 10 an Taskleiste anheften
    Windows taskbar 10 pin

  1. delete

    program icon from taskbar again to delete a program from the taskbar, click with the right mouse button on its icon in the Tasknar.

  2. in the menu, select release of taskbar.
  3. the program remains installed on the computer and is still to find the search function or the start menu. Only the icon disappears from the system tray.

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