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with Apple pages on the iPad you can write texts and edit. Basic formatting functions in the program are built. In this tip, you will read how to format text sections.

Change text formatting in pages for the iPad

a text with a new format, so font size, to provide fonts or bold, must first select the text. To do this, tap once on the site want to and touch them as long as the little magnifying glass appears.

Then let go and tap into the menu then that appears on select . Now, you see a blue flag, which extends over the previously typed word. Right and left are small handles enables you to extend the mark.

Select the characters you want to format and select the brush icon in the top right of the screen. Here you can select the font as well as the size and the font style so bold or italic.

Small Tip: to a single word to quickly mark, tap on it. If you want to select a paragraph, tap three times.

Apple Pages Text formatieren im Pinselmenü
In the menu with the brush for you everything you need to text and paragraph formatting in Apple pages

paragraph formatting in pages for the iPad

the paragraph formatting is also found in the brush menu. All changes relate to the paragraph in which plays your insertion point.

To format a row as the header, placing there so the insertion point (cursor), by tapping anywhere on the line once.

Then tap the brush icon on the top right of the title bar of pages for the iPad.

Tap style in the current entry (usually text ) and then find a new paragraph formatting.

If you in the menu further scroll down, you see some buttons for centered or right-aligned text, and indents, more formatting.

Tip: With the paragraph style text can you again in normal text represent a previously formatted to section display.

Character formatting and paragraph formatting

to format text, you need to distinguish between difference first between the text formatting (or character formatting), and the paragraph formatting.

  • Text formatting formatting individual characters, words, or phrases. This includes for example the font size or the font fall.
  • Paragraph formatting changes not only the appearance of the text, but for also an outline to him. Format a text larger and bold with the paragraph formatting heading 1 for example, structure but also your text. On the basis of the headings, a table of contents can be produced for example later with Apple pages on the Mac.

Read here how you count characters and words in Apple pages.

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