«««To find the Wi-Fi key of your network

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you need the Wi-Fi key, if you want to integrate an additional PC to your wireless network. If you have forgotten this password for your wireless network, read here how to find out the network key.

so you can read out the Wi-Fi key

  1. press the key the window [Windows – R] run show.
  2. ncpa.cpl , type the command and press the button [Return] .
  3. in the list of all network connections with the right mouse button, click your wireless connection and status select the item from the context menu.

    Windows 8.1 Netzwerkstatus
    The network status of a Wi-Fi connection

  4. now shows a small window with some information Windows to your wireless network. Click on the button wireless properties .

    Windows 8.1 Drahtloseigenschaften
    Go to the wireless properties.

  5. a new window appears again. There, go security to the rider.
  6. find the field security key , which contains the network key. You don’t see however, because the characters for security reasons with points are replaced.
  7. mark the checkbox characters viewing then reveals the secret Windows and displays the key in plain text.

    WIndows 8.1 Sicherheitsschl?ssel anzeigen
    Windows 8.1 Sicherheitsschl? key viewing

warning: If you leave your PC unattended, any arbitrary access to the device can read with this method your secret key from Windows. You should therefore turn off your computer on appropriate occasions or close. How our tip shows Windows 7: PC with one-touch shut off .

alternative: Wi-Fi key via router read

the simplest would of course be a look at the back of the router where the Wi-Fi key in the default delivery condition is printed in almost all models.

if the Wi-Fi password but was changed, login via a browser on your DSL router or access point and check the wireless settings, what value is the key.

a Fritz box to open the URL http://fritz.box and wireless – security go to the menu item.

WLAN-Schluessel mit Fritzbox ermitteln
Wi-Fi key in a Fritzbox determine

Windows shows you also inactive Wi-Fi passwords on

Windows remembers you even internally the passwords of Wi-Fi connections, which were previously active. It is able to connect when you return your laptop in the vicinity of the radio range without question. By a slightly complicated trip on the command line you can see these Wi-Fi passwords.

  1. start a command line in Admin mode, for example via a right click on the Start button and choosing the option command prompt (Administrator) .
  2. you enter: netsh wlan show profiles |. Findstr "SSID name"
  3. displays the names of all stored SSID, so the IDs of base stations that you.
  4. now display the password for one of the displayed links to let you type in the following command, where you use the SSID that you are interested in: netsh wlan show profiles name = key = clear | Findstr key

    Inaktive WLAN-Schlüssel anzeigen lassen
    so the command line displays also the Wi-Fi passwords currently inactive connections.

you could in two lines of the part “|” also omit Findstr…”. Then you need to torture themselves but by quite a bit of text, because the output of the commands are quite extensive.

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