«««To find the computer and shares in your network

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of the House all shared drives, computer and server immediately this PC in. But what if you are looking for a free folder in the network? Then you need to go a little detour and locate the server.


  1. open a folder in Explorer

    computers and servers in the network.

  2. you will then see a window with a navigation bar in the left margin.
  3. If you don’t see the navigation bar, proceed as follows:
    • select in Windows 8 and 10 view , then click Navigation pane to and enable then navigation area .
    • , click organize

    • on Windows 7 and turn in navigation pane layout .
  4. all in the navigation pane below the entry network .
  5. click on it.
  6. after a few moments (for large networks it may take longer) appear all the computers that are in your network.
  7. to find a share on one computer, click on it.
  8. for a moment see the shares and they can open and use. What do all shares in the network

Alle Freigaben im Netzwerk
if the server is not visible?

If you cannot find the server, try it as:

  1. choose the key combination [Win – R] .
  2. then enter followed by the name of the server two slashes inclined backwards, for example \meinserver
  3. you can address directly a share, for example with \meinserverfreigabe
  4. then press [Return] and it will appear the shares immediately.

this procedure works with any computer in your network.

read here, how you solve network problems can.

Servernamen in Windows eingeben
in Windows, you can enter server name directly.

Tip: Instead of the name, you can use the IP address of the other computer.

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