«««To find in Windows type and manufacturer of the motherboard, BIOS, and processor

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. Precise information about the installed BIOS are often necessary. Here you can read how to obtain this information, without having to open the case.

to get you to enter information about the motherboard and CPU

  1. msinfo32 window run [Win + R] press on.
  2. give a “msinfo32” and confirm with OK .
  3. the program starts in the view of system overview. There you should find information about the processor, BIOS and motherboard.

in some cases, but important info, like here in the example, where model and manufacturer of the mainboard is not detected missing…

Msinfo32 zeigt nicht alle Informationen an shows all the information
Msinfo32 at

then you can try out the following variation.

so the command line provides information about motherboard and processor

  1. get the window run [Win + R] press her.
  2. give a ‘cmd’ and confirm with OK .
  3. in the command line window, type the following commands
  4. to determine type and manufacturer of the mainboard: wmic baseboard get product, manufacturer, version, serialnumber
  5. for the BIOS version: wmic bios get serialnumber, version
  6. information about the processor to get: wmic cpu get CurrentClockSpeed, name MaxClockSpeed
Motherboard und BIOS Version per Kommandozeile
motherboard and BIOS version on the command line query.

To not having to type out the command, copy it from here to the Clipboard and paste there followed by the paste option via right mouse click (Windows 10) or right mouse button. You call “regedit”

the registry shows the information about motherboard and CPU

  1. registry editor [Win+R] and typing.
  2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEHARDWAREDESCRIPTIONSystemBIOS moving up in the tree structure on the left side to the path through.
  3. now you will see a number of entries.
  4. in BaseBoardManufacturer identify the manufacturer of the motherboard, BaseBoardProduct shows the type of the motherboard.
  5. for information about the BIOS, see the keys that start with these letters.

    Mainboard-Infos in der Registry
    Can motherboard info in the registry

which store

the data in an e-mail message or otherwise processing information in a text file, click with the right mouse button on the node BIOS and export select .

choose a suitable name, change the filetype of aut “text file (*.)” TXT) “and save the file.” This for the advantage that later when you double-click it directly your text editor opens and displays the information. However, leave the default value “*.” REG”, then opens the Registry Editor again and offers to import the data again.

find this data in the exported text file

while the data in the export file are intended for import via registry editor, one can understand the most info quite well in it because you are not binary, but in text form:


"BiosMajorRelease" = dword: 000000ff

"BiosMinorRelease" = dword: 000000ff

"ECFirmwareMajorRelease" = dword: 000000ff

"ECFirmwareMinorRelease" = dword: 0 00000ff

BaseBoardManufacturer "=" Intel Corporation "


=" BaseBoardVersion "="AAG10219-300"

" BIOSReleaseDate "=" 05/04/2011

"BIOSVendor" = "Intel Corp."

"BIOSVersion"BAP6710H =". 86A. 0064.2011.0504. 1711"

by the way: there are other system information that Windows offers .