«««To find disk management in Windows

1:13 pm March 11, 20177489

Windows hid well the disk management. Maybe she should also find not everyone. But those who want to initialize a hard drive or partition, not get around to this tool.

disk management open

  1. [Win – R] press.
  2. , enter diskmgmt.msc .
  3. press [Return] .

to start the program and displays the available drives. Above you see a collection of volumes, including a graphical breakdown of each disk.

you, if necessary, with [Win – D] change the disk management in Windows 10

  1. on the desktop.
  2. click with the right mouse button on the start icon left click below in the corner
  3. disk management .

Note: this works only with Windows 8.1 and 10

what is the disk management?

the disk management is the headquarters for everything revolves around hard drives, USB flash drives or other storage media. Here you can store media initialize , partition and format.

to launch the program will display all available volumes. This corresponds to the storage media. A volume can contain in turn multiple partitions. How many, can you make it in the program. Ebens it is possible to enlarge existing partitions or resize, and to assign them to different file systems. Also, you can mark partition as “active”, so that the operating system can start or assign drive letter. Finally, even virtual hard disks can be created.

in everyday, you should come with disk management barely in contact. If you want to install new hard drive or to your data structure on the hard drive, you’ve come to the right place. However, you should know what you’re doing. Because with an incorrect entry you can delete entire hard drives.

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