«««To examine your Windows PC main memory problems

6:25 pm April 27, 201711909

you should let test also the main store, because all possible unpleasant consequences may have faulty RAM. We will show you how it works alone without any additional programs, by means of Windows.

so you can test the main store

  1. Windows brings its own test program for the store. To start the diagnostic tool, press [ win – R] run dialog to appear.
  2. mdsched type a and press OK .

    Das Speichertestprogramm ausführen
    The program for the RAM test is started manually.

  3. now you a message indicating that the actual test only starts after a reboot.

    Speichertest mit Windows
    Windows for its own test program for main memory.

  4. quit all open programs, and click on restart now and looking for problems .
  5. now restart your computer and goes into a special mode with text display.

make no mistake you, if your PC when you turn counts the memory, what looks like a small test. But the BIOS is only a rudimentary access test to try out, how much RAM is available. The treacherous problems that cause it to crash of the PC or bugs can, are never recognized.,

complete the best many passages can be

because some errors occur only sporadically, it is useful to test the memory in many passages.

press [F1] and pass number as 0. It’s running until you cancel it. You can in the evening start for example the test and then in the morning examine whether a problem for occurred in the runs.

Win7 Arbeitsspeicherdiagnosetool
the memory diagnostics tool works in text mode

by the way: many problems also arise from a defective disk. Therefore you should have test even your drive .