«««To enable the file preview in Windows Explorer

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Windows in its “Explorer” File Manager provides a preview function. You shows for example the text contents of a Word document or provides an image preview for JPG files.

enable file preview in Windows Explorer

  1. turn the preview function, press the key combination [Alt – P] in the Windows Explorer or use the menu item view – Preview window.
  2. to select a file in the left window now and right, you should get a small view of the content.
  3. if the preview is not large enough, you move the mouse pointer on the delimitation between the file list and the preview image. As soon as a small double arrow appears you can slide the demarcation to the left. Thus enlarges the preview.

    Windows Explorer Vorschaufenster
    You can choose the size of the preview image.

  4. If you are looking for a specific image or document, select the existing files on the left side with the arrow keys and check in the preview window, if it is needed.
  5. the preview window remains open until you close it again with [Alt – P] .

such a quick view sense makes the borders of the preview function

for all data types. Windows for example then displays a blank preview window if it is binary, archive formats or documents of programs, which can not decrypt it.

after all work but all the usual image and video formats, Office documents, text files, and PDFs.

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