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when you create in Windows folder, you create a structure for storing files. You can reach the create directories on many ways, depending on the situation.

so you create folders in

  1. In Windows Explorer select the icon new folder .
  2. Alternatively, click with the right mouse button on a free space in the folder, and select new – folder .
  3. folder is created and the default name “New folder” is selected for editing.

    Neuer Ordner
    A new directory for been created.

  4. you can now directly the desired label type.

the method works in every save dialog box of Windows. This gives you the ability to create a subfolder directly when saving and to accommodate the particular file there.

folder – create shortcut

via the keyboard shortcuts [Strg – Umschalten – N] you can create a new folder with the keyboard, the then again directly rename itself can be.

not the button [Umschalten] forget the combination, because otherwise a new window of Windows Explorer instead of the new folder is created!

folder create command line cmd

[Win – R] and entry open cmd the Windows command line.

you, then switch to the desired drive specify the drive letter, followed by a colon, for example q: and press the [Return] button.

Kommandozeilenbefehl md zum Anlegen neuer Ordner
command line md to create new folder

CD ordnernameunterordner then go to the subfolder, and place

md ordnername1
md ordnername2

each a new folder.

command line folder structure create

the command md also suitable, to create a complete folder structure. Because you can as parameter to specify not only a directory, but a complete directory path. If parts do not exist from, Windows sets the complete path. [

you have connected as a brand new hard drive for backups of your projects, then the following command creates all part of directories in one go:

md ProjekteStadtparkAbrechnungen

mehrere Verzeichnisse anlegen
the command md can a complete directory path creating.

By the way: You can save entering the drive name and the change in the folder is, open command prompt in the folder window.

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