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you are changing in Windows the profile picture or integrate a new? No problem: a logon screen is set up in a few steps.

Windows 10: profile picture change

  1. click the start icon.
  2. click the following settings.
  3. choose now and accounts your Guide .
  4. If you have ever changed the profile picture, you will see a selection of images.
  5. otherwise scroll down.
  6. in create your picture you have two options:
    • click on the camera to take a new picture with your webcam.
    • , click search to load an existing image from your hard drive.
  7. after shooting or finding out you have a new profile picture.

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Tip: after the record with the webcam you should cut the image still before you click finished to .

Windows 8.1: profile picture adjust

  1. click (if necessary) on the start icon, to get on the tile surface.
  2. a click with the right mouse button the following on the current profile picture.
  3. click on , edit profile picture.
  4. you select one of the predefined profile pictures or browse with a new profile picture from your hard drive.
  5. Alternatively, click camera and take a new profile picture with your webcam.
  6. then still cut the image and click on OK to save it.
Profilbild ändern in Windows 8.1
with the right button click on the profile picture – it you can change it in Windows 8.1

customize Windows 7 logon screen

Windows 7: Hier ändern Sie das Bild, das bei der Anmeldung zu sehen ist
Windows 7: Here you change the image which is the registration
  1. click with the right mouse button on an empty space of the desktop.
  2. choose then adjust and own account image change .
  3. now you can use one of the predefined images or search for other images with use a homemade image from your hard drive.

Windows XP: change logon screen

  1. login with your user name and select Start – Control Panel – user accounts .
  2. choose own picture change next username and is .
  3. choose a different image from the browser or click Search more pictures .
  4. choose any directory that contains images in the search and search an image out there.
  5. click it and select open .
  6. a small preview of the picture appears the same on it. When you are satisfied, close the window user accounts and the image will be shown at the next startup.
Bild in Benutzeranmeldung ändern
change the image in user login.

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