Thecus LightningPRO: New Bay storage 100% SSD [Quick Guide]

11:54 pm May 13, 20177067

solution specialist storage Thecus for officially launched a new All-Flash range named “LightningPRO” and who relies on SSDS on up to 700 000 IOPS.

The offer comes in two models, the SC180 and the SE300. Here are more details on these two variations. Whatever it is, these storage arrays are all two rack and 1U size.

Thecus LightningPRO SC180

this model offers a capacity of 10 type SATA SSD, replaceable hot, to get up to 360 000 IOPS performance. Accompanied by 4-port 10GbE SFP +.

Thecus LightningPRO SE300

this model is more powerful than the first, particularly because it can carry 8 SSD with a NVMe interface, which strongly contributes to the increase in performance. This makes it possible to achieve up to 700 000 IOPS on a perf test with writings of 4 KB files.

For the network portion, the SE300 is equipped with 6-port 10GbE SFP + while the power supply is redundant as the SC180.

FlexiRemap to the stick

FlexiRemap technology is used for the management of data, namely writing and erasing the data. Thecus Announces intelligence brought with FlexiRemap allows to reduce the cycles of erasing of chips stores up to 150% compared to the usual RAID. For information, FlexiRemap is a technology of the company AccelStor, specialized in the performance of the flash storage.

These solutions target businesses with intensive applications and requires strong performance, be it for the virtualization or transactional data bases, this new range looks ambitious. Unfortunately, I have no information on price and availability to give you.