The upcoming WordCamps in France in 2017 [Quick Guide]

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you are an aficionado of WordPress? Always on the lookout for the latest techniques finds? Then don’t miss the days dedicated to WordPress!

WordCamp, this is the event for lovers of WordPress (amateurs as professionals), program: of the conferences (with speakers and public) fully dedicated to WordPress, extensions, its themes and its ecosystem. It is also an opportunity for friendly meetings with the WordPress community.

Many WordCamps is organized every year in the world around, and in 2017 you varnish, there are 2 nothing in France!


WordCamp – operating instructions

what to expect?

If you plan to participate for the first time at a WordCamp, wondering perhaps what to expect. Although each WordCamp is different (according to the organizers, speakers and participants at each event), there are some general guidelines that follow all the WordCamps, and regardless of the place or they are organized.

It is above all the WordPress

the difference between a WordCamp, compared to a BarCamp, is that the content of the sessions is only focused on the use and development of WordPress . The issues surrounding blogs, businesses and social media that are related to using WordPress can be included, but the bulk of the program (at least 90%) it’s WordPress. Using same name WordCamp, indicates that it is an independent event dedicated to WordPress.

It’s expensive?

The WordCamps are affordable local meetings – or even not expensive, and this in order to allow people from all walks of life to attend, to meet, to share and to learn. The best way to get there is to offer low price tickets , generally lower than € 35 for an event that is often 2 days.

It is reserved to the professionals?

Not at all! The WordCamps are user-friendly and cater to everyone . There are workshops, conferences at all levels. It is also an opportunity to get acquainted with the WordPress community.

the WordCamps coming in 2017 in France

WordCamp Bordeaux: 18 March 2017


after a long work of maturation, Bordeaux, 1st WordCamp name, will be coming to enjoy March 18, 2017, to world city Conference Center in the historic heart of the capital of the Gironde. 300 people are expected during a day of conferences around the WordPress platform.

This WordCamp Bordeaux is carried by local communities in the Southwest and is part of the lineage of the events of the same name organized around the world. It is to promote, share and contribute to the development of WordPress for a friendly and open to all day and all.

WordCamp Europe Paris: 15-17 June 2017

wc paris

in 2017, there will be no WordCamp Paris, WC Europe, who will be meeting for all those who want to be around WordPress. The Wordcamp Europe Paris will be the 5th edition of WordCamp Europe .

With nearly 3,000 people expected, dozens of conferences, the European WordCamp is the opportunity to meet your peers at conferences, workshops, meetings between professionals, amateurs, etc…

I give you appointment there, because it is obvious that I would be present at these 2 major events of the sphere WordPress in France. Very soon so IRL 😉