The TP – Link Neffos Max [Quick Guide]

8:03 pm November 17, 201612187

C5 smartphone test

I. introduction

TP-Link is a known and recognized in the area of the network, particularly for its Wi – Fi equipment, but also for other products such as switches, the CPL, etc… Now, the brand tries on a new market: one of the smartphones. With the TP-Link Neffos range, made up for the moment of 6 different models.


In this test, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the Neffos C5 Max, that I could test. Here are its specifications to set the scene:

– screen: 5.5″ FPS Full HD
– CPU: MediaTek MT6753 8 x Cortex-A53 1.3GHz
– GPU: Mali-T720 MP3
– RAM: 2 GB
– storage: 16 GB internally expandable with a microSD up to 32 GB
– rear Camera: 13 Mega-pixels with Auto Focus
– front Camera: 5 Mega-pixels
system operating : Android 5.1
– Dual-SIM: Yes (support of 4G on both SIM cards)
– fingerprint: no
– battery: 3045 mAh
– weight: 161 grams
– price: € 185


II. Package design and display

in this pretty box purple, neat, we find a truly comprehensive package and quality, we have:

  • smartphone Neffos C5 Max
  • the USB cable to the charger
  • the official Neffos charger with a French grip
  • a pair of official headphones
  • four records (quick start , Garantie, Déclaration de conformité)


Quand je vous dit qu’il y a quatre notices sur des sujets différents, c’est bien le cas 🙂


Voici une petite dizaine de clichés du Neffos C5 Max :

my design is simple but successful (knowing that here he is grey color but there are white), the outline of the smartphone is chrome, like the side buttons, which stands out. A TP-Link logo is embedded on the front under the screen, which is not unlike writing “Samsung” on the smartphones of the same brand (unlike it is placed at the top of the screen).

Finally, seeing the pictures you can do a review on the design 🙂

regarding the display and the image quality, Full HD screen is clearly an advantage, the image being precise. The color rendition is good, what makes that the smartphone is pleasant to use.

III. performance and features

to test the overall performance of the Neffos C5 Max, I got AnTuTu, my usual allied to the test of smartphones. The overall score is 37 678, which is below for example of the Xiaomi Redmi 3s have also an octa-core processor and I’ve tested recently (43 347). But beware, this isn’t a bad score so far… And this does not affect the general flow of the unit.


In comparison, the ranking provided by AnTuTu:


the Android interface on this unit incorporates a system of management of Visual themes, as we used to see, with the default theme which is presented on the screenshot below. It is simple, the rendering is nice, I appreciate.


Now for Android features and are not native, which can potentially allow this smartphone stand out. First of all, the possibility to plan start-up and the extinction of my unit, according to a calendar management. This function can be interesting and it can be found at of other manufacturers.


The connection sharing feature is not new, but I draw your attention to the fact that the binding mode can support IPv4 and IPv6.


This is the kind of functionality that I expect from a specialist manufacturer of networking products: offer the user the opportunity to enjoy both the connection 3G / 4G and Wi – Fi connection, simultaneously, to increase the download speed. A very good idea and a real added value brought to Android, however attention to do not too quickly explode my package data 😉


a sliding two fingers down in the Gallery, you can access your private photo album, if you know the code PIN that you defined for secure access. Here again, it is wise of TP-Link, the album being hidden and additionally protected by a PIN code.


Currently in version 5.1 Android, aging, the smartphone continues to receive patches. The latest is from August 24, 2016 to where I write these lines.


I did not miss the opportunity of this test to try the latest version of FIFA Mobile as well he had to see the responsiveness of the smartphone in-game 🙂 nothing to report on responsiveness and the quality of the rendering, however the speakers are clearly not at the height, the sound quality is really disappointing: too little bass and a my whistling which is not the case with the plug headphones.


With a simplified, Android interface these some extra features, and a good overall responsiveness, experience user is balanced on this C5 Max


note several things:

  • there is a dual-SIM independent of the microSD slot slot, which allows to fully exploit both functions. I said this because there are smart phones where you have the choice between the second SIM card and the microSD.
  • On the 16 GB capacity, there are 10 GB available for user
  • a feature picture-in-picture is integrated in order to display a video in mode sticker on the screen, this allows to facilitate the multitasking
  • it is possible to lock a way that application when you clean the RAM (close all applications in the background) an application that is locked will not be closed.


IV. Camera

with its sensor 13 Mp at Sony, we reserve the main camera of this Neffos? First of all, access to various settings that you can see in the picture below, but also the ability to apply live filters to play on the colors and effects. These filters have direct access with the button on the left of the shutter release button.


For the quality of the shots, it’s like a lot of smartphones, shooting in low light puts him in trouble because there is noise on the photo. If not for the pictures when there is a good brightness, they are of good quality.

I also note that the autofocus (depending on conditions) few have struggled to go off to do the update.


V. Conclusion

what I hold is that the Max C5 Neffos is a balanced smartphone, it does not break the House down, but he is doing well in all areas (or almost). What makes a good smartphone for a brand that starts in the field.

To speak of autonomy and charging, be aware it takes 1 H 55 to get to 100% load, and you can enjoy the smartphone a day with a ‘normal’ use (notifications enabled with emails, TEXT messages, calls and internet browsing).


I conclude this test by the list of positive and negative points.


  • Dual-SIM and microSD independent
  • rendering of the Full HD screen, nice to look at
  • simple and fluid Interface
  • removable battery


  • no compatibility of Wi – Fi with the 5 GHz band, rather unfortunate for a specialist network
  • Android 5.1 It’s too old right now… Android 6.0: Planned or not?
  • Speaker disappointing