«««The Task Manager provides you with applications and computers at a glance

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the Task Manager is a small program that shows which programs and sub-programs are running among others. Also you can make changes in the auto-start settings here and check how much memory or processor is utilised.

Task Manager via keyboard shortcut, start

the classic way leads to the Task Manager using the key combination [Strg] + [Alt] + [Entf] , so the famous “monkey grip”.

with the shortcut key a selection screen appears. Click Task Manager is at the bottom.

Auswahlbildschirm nach Tastenkombination
selection screen after pressing

a different shortcut will take you directly to the program. To do this, press [Strg] + [Umschalten] + [Esc] and the Task Manager appears immediately.

start the Task Manager, this works without a keyboard. To do this, with the right mouse button, click the Start button and choose the entry from the context menu Task Manager .

Task-Manager aus dem Startmenü heraus starten
Task Manager from the start menu start

Task Manager: show details

after the launch of the Task Manager, you see only once not much. He shows only a list of running programs after the start.

Taskmanager einfach
the Task Manager in my simple styles.

To end one of the displayed programs, click with the right mouse button on it and select task stop .

If you want to see more information, click more details to .

then the Task Manager shows in all its glory with really many information about your Windows System.

Task-Manager zeigt alle Informationen
Task Manager shows all the information

in this view can stop for example , a program that is no longer responding or call the resource manager that provides CPU-power information about the use of the Internet bandwidth or .

about a little detour you can speed up even the startup with the Task Manager, identify unnecessary, automatically launching programs and from the startup take .

also the Task Manager is also a good means to from a game to change if the game not from full-screen mode is out to bring on the normal view of the Windows on the desktop. You see sometimes, maybe just a graphical part of it

if the Task Manager shows only a chart

instead of the normal view with several riders and a menu. Windows displays only the graph of the current CPU usage. The normal frame with a menu and the standard elements is missing entirely, as well as the detailed information about the store and the running processes.

don’t worry, this view is not a bug, but a deliberate feature that reduces all information on the essential. You have enabled this view may be used accidentally. You can see only a single chart

Statt Taskmanager sieht man nur ein Diagramm
instead of the Task Manager.

To switch back to the usual representation, simply click the mouse twice within the window. Now, the whole thing should look like normal again.