The Store would be undermined by the false positive reviews and Google does nothing [Exclusive Guide]

5:48 am April 6, 20175829

Play Store would be full of fake reviews, and the methods to create them become more sophisticated. The problem is that in the middle of these roughly written opinions are more nuanced, from accounts which history may suggest that these are real people. It is urgent for Google to do something. 

play store

fake reviews are not a novelty on the Store Play, far from it. But their multiplication and especially their sophistication are beginning to question. According to Android Authority, we saw for some time in the comments of several applications such as WhatsApp an increase in the number of false positive reviews. Auditors then felt the fake reeks: empty user names, comments telephoned…

But such notices also expanded on other applications of the Play Store, reports the website which CITES Chrome, Gmail or even Facebook Messenger. In all likelihood, these false reviews have become an integral part of the strategy to build the credibility of applications while deceiving the user. So obviously so far it was rather easy to flush out these fake reviews.

The Store full fake positive reviews more and more difficult to spot

especially by reading the comments sometimes beside the plate. But according to TheNextWeb, there is another problem now: positive opinions more measured, and difficult to find, but equally created by bots. The thing, which is very common on the Store, would be virtually absent from the Apple App Store due to extensive monitoring practices.

So can we wonder that is Google? So far the company for found no cure for this plague. So even the Store for more than a billion active users…