The site WPFormation is 5 years old and to celebrate! [Quick Guide]

7:57 pm January 3, 201714643

Dear reader, dear reader,

on Saturday, January 21, 2017 will be a special day for WP training, indeed, to this date site will celebrate its 5 years of existence!  Five years is not nothing in life but that’s an eternity when we blog…

The site for emerged a Saturday, January 21, 2012. To date, he for racked up no less 400 articles, 5 000 and a few comments, 7 500 subscribers to the newsletter and over 2 300 000 pageviews in 2016. The road for been long and tortuous, but so rewarding! He was also staked encounters.

So I just wanted to tell you “ THANKS ” Yes, thank you Dear player (rice) eur we read, follow us, to share/comment on our articles and for making WPFormation one of the must-see sites dealing with WordPress in the hexagon.

I also want to thank all the students that I had the chance to meet during my WordPress training and without whom this would not have been possible. Finally, a dedication to my wife, Delphine, who accompanies me and encourages me all through this adventure (thanks again honey bear with me literally as well as figuratively;)

this is why, dear Lectrice/Cher reader, to thank you and blow my 5 candles, , WPFormation offers you to win a maximum of gifts!

it’s still Christmas after Christmas, so I did call my WordPressiens friends who responded present and they have been very generous in offering no less than 55 (+ 1) beautiful lots for a total value of more than 16 000 euros 🙂

Thank you for your support,
WordPressement, Fabrice


terms – how to participate?

To participate in this contest #WPF5 , simply:

  1. follow WPFormation on Twitter FaceBook or (and our partners if you wish, it would be nice;)
  2. share this article on the social network of your choice with the hashtag #WPF5 (Twitter, Facebook, linkedIn, Google + or same Pinterest)
  3. post your link in comment and optionally tell us which package you would like to win) I would try to do the best, however lots will be drawn and may be exchanged), finally tell me why you read WPFormation?

The draw (via random) will be held on 21/01/2017 , the results will be announced on Twitter and posted here.

Bonus : A surprise additional prize will be awarded to the best comment.

Good luck to you all!

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description of the prizes of the contest #WPF5


1 year to the choice in the WooCommerce catalog license
batch n ° 1

WooCommerce for an eCommerce performance . WooCommerce, it is above all a WordPress plugin which adds Ecommerce functionality to your site. You can thus benefit from a real online store for: the sale and the management of your products, using a system of payment (Paypal, credit card), your sales statistics, specific plugins (best sales, promotions, etc), the calculation of the costs of transport and taxes, stock management, etc…

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WPAPP. NINJA – IOS & Android apps

3 premium licenses to a value of € 449 + 5 cool licenses € 199
batch n ° 2-9

wpapp ninja
with WPAPP. NINJA, boost the visibility of your WordPress site and take advantage of the power of push notifications very simply by creating your app Android and iOS . If you know how to install a WP plugin, you can create and publish your app, we take care of the technical and publication. The Premium pack gives you access to notifications in unlimited, to statistics in real-time, to an ads Manager internal to highlight your advertisers to 50 000 facilities of your app and finally, responsive and quality support!

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10 licenses for a value of € 49
batch n ° 10 to 19

for you or your company, our application cards are visible : your map finished more among dozens of others, it appears on the screen of your prospect, practices : you can instantly update connecting : share your news for free by sending a notifications to the “cards”, original : send your card by mail instead of give a piece of cardboard.

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Admin UI – Plugin customization

3 licenses Pros with a value of € 39
batch n ° 20-22

WP Admin UI is a freemium for plugin customize, optimize, and manage its administration WordPress . Without any technical knowledge, you can transform the backend in white mark, Act on the menus, the admin bar, the metaboxes, Editor, login, the Dashboard screen, columns and more… Offer your customers a back office custom, easier to use and reduce support requests.

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Press SEO – SEO Plugin

3 licenses Pros with a value of € 39
batch n ° 23-25

SEOPress is a plugin for search engine optimization that is simple and easy to use . Manage your different titles, meta description tags, open graph, robots (noindex, nofollow)… Create your custom xml sitemap, optimize SEO for WooCommerce, edit robots.txt and htaccess since your BO, keep an eye on your 404 errors, create 301, 302, and 307 redirects, add a breadcrumb to your theme, test the performance of your site with Google Page Speed, and integrate Google Analytics with a single click.

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SECUPRESS – Plugin security

1 year to a value of € 72 license
Lot No. 26

SecuPress protects your WordPress site . This plugin created by a security expert supports 3 vital elements in terms of protection: anti-intrustion: hacking attempts are blocked, data protection: the data is sacred! SecuPress protects your data and save it in a safe place, protection against SPAM: the plugin protects against malicious content and attempts at Black Hat on your site.

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– IMAGIFY Plugin images

1 credit optimization “one shot” 3 GB for a value of € 19.99
Lot No. 27

optimize all images on your site with one click , it is possible with Imagify. Lighten your load with your images compression time. This service is available for all platforms, but actually my WordPress plugin a lot perfect for our contest.

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Rocket WP – cache Plugin

1 license Business for a year with a value of € 99
Lot No. 28

the good resolution of 2017? Ensure that your WordPress sites fast! Nobody likes to wait for a page to load. With the plugin WP Rocket, caching of your site is done in a blink of an eye . Recognized best of 2016 WordPress cache plugin, you can optimize up to 3 sites with the WP Rocket Business license.

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Theme ONE. WordPress theme

3 licenses for a value of € 79
batch n ° 29-31


ONE is a WordPress theme available in french and English based exclusively on the personalization of the Customizer features . Featuring 16 entirely editable home page blocks, ONE is the premium theme you need to create a Web site easily, quickly, effectively resulting in a unique. Further, 10 Add-ons (MailChimp, WooCommerce, call to action button, etc.) are for sale in our marketplace. Compose your site according to your needs, to the card.

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WEGLOT – Plugin multilingual

3 licenses a year for a value of € 490 Pro
batch n ° 32-34

Weglot Translate is a plugin multilingual, allowing you to simply translate your WordPress site . A PRO license allows you to use Weglot on up to 3 websites and you provides unlimited access to a number of languages. Do not wait to open your site to the rest of the world 🙂

to discover on

WP leader – training

2 licenses Pros to a value of € 645 + 3 Solos licenses to €325
batch n ° 35-39

with WPChef, form to WordPress 6 weeks . You go from scratch or want to start on a good basis, 22 hours of training, quizzes, exercises and homework make you independent.

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WPFormation – training

initial training WordPress + WooCommerce + Pro with a value of € 2 350
Lot No. 40


these WordPress training will enable you to make you even, your website, your Blog or your e-commerce . Whether you are novice or confirmed, our WordPress training fits your needs, whether they are personal or that they are professional. Real training as face-to-face, to get the best answers to questions you may have (offered for the entire session of February 2017 on Paris square).

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ElegantSchool – training

1 ElegantSchool Pro with a value of € 650 training
Lot No. 41


with ElegantSchool, do you train at Divi and webmastering made for original and quality sites. Also join a close-knit community that will help you on a daily basis in your problems.

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revamp its theme – eBook

1 complete edition with a value of €149
Lot No. 42


Guide beginner WordPress – eBook

3 complete editions with a value of € 9.99
Lot No. 43 to 45

envy start with WordPress? here’s a guide-tutorial over 300 pages that will help you get a place to stay as well as a domain name, to install WordPress (Setup, customization, drafting, settings etc…), to implement the legality, the SEO, the day before, the promotion, safeguarding and creating my child theme! This ebook is intended for beginners.

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optimize its SEO WordPress – book

3 complete editions with a value of €14.99
Lots No. 46 to 48

ebook Daniel
Daniel Roch de offers 3 books on SEO to win: what deepen your knowledge of the inner workings of WordPress to finally get a real visibility in search engines.

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the cauldron – Club

1 year to a value of €149 subscription
Lot No. 49

create more sites in your corner. Join the cauldron, the community from the creators of WordPress sites who want to become more professional.

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WP server – hosting

3 accommodation 10 WordPress for a period of one year to € 890
batch n ° 50-52


WP server made simple WordPress hosting, we handle everything by completely managing accommodation configuration, backups and security. Get a WordPress ultra-fast, secure and with uptime of 99.9% guaranteed ! Our accommodation is designed specifically and exclusively for WordPress, and this, in order to optimize speed, reliability, service and security.

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IP SOLUTION – outsourcing Server

3 sets of 1 year of total outsourcing of the server of your choice to €1 281
batch n ° 53-55

ip solution

total outsourcing includes : the initial installation of your server under Linux (Debian) , the installation and configuration of a web server, mail, and ftp, a panel of ‘House’ of your domains, email and ftp accounts management. The implementation of backups of your server, a minimal firewall to secure your server. Monitoring and Supervision of your server 24 h/24 and 7/7 (GTI: 4 h). Application of the proactive security updates. 30 minutes per month (non-Deferrable) of ad hoc outsourcing.

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summary the prizes to win

there is something for everyone: plugins, themes, hosting, outsourcing, training, and ebook… Not less than 55 lots at stake (+ 1 for the best comment) for a total value exceeding € 15,000. To 53 lucky winners!



number of prizes to be won:

55 + 1
managed IP Solution 3
WPServeur hosting 3
WPFormation WordPress 1WP + 1Woo + 1Pro
@wpformation []]
WPApp Ninja iOS & Android 3 + 5 cools premium
WPChef WP 2 pros + 3 solos
WeGlot multilanguage 3
WPApp Ninja business cards 10
theme One]]] 3
Relooker its eBook theme 1
Le pot club 1
SecuPress plugin 1
Imagify plugin 1
WP]]]] Rocket plugin 1
ElegantSchool 1
WooCommerce plugin 1
Admin UI plugin 3
SEO Press plugin 3
Optimiser SEO WP book 3
]]]] WordPress guide 2016 eBook 3
Lot surprise for the best comment 1 ?]

Feel free to visit, like and share the links to my partners, without whom this competition could not take place.

Thank you friends and members of the community WordPress for having responded present for 5 years of WPFormation 😉

I also want to wish you all, a wonderful year 2017 , full of WordPress!