The S7 phone test: A Samsung Galaxy S7 200 euros? [Quick Guide]

10:09 pm January 25, 20175943

I. introduction

Fort of her growing fame, the phone manufacturer returns to the front of the scene with the S7 Elephone, its new smartphone with a name that will remind you of the excellent Samsung Galaxy S7. The S7 phone does not have a name close to that of Samsung, looks too, we’ll see together in this test.

it is available in two versions, a version of reference (with variants) and a S7 Mini version with different characteristics including a smaller screen.

here are the features of the phone S7:

– screen: 5, 5″ Full HD
– processor: MediaTek Helio X 20 (10 cores, 2.0 GHz)
– GPU: ARM Mali T880
– RAM: 4 GB
storage: 32 GB or 64 GB, expandable up to 256 GB
– Camera rear: 13 f/2.2 Megapixel
– front Camera: 5 Megapixel
system operating : Android 6.0
– Dual-SIM: Yes
– fingerprint: Yes
– battery: 3000 mAh
– weight: 148g
– price: € 200


II. Package design and display

a package that is once again not neglected on the part of phone and it is significant, here is proof of the package content:

– charger
– a USB cable for the charger
– a transparent protective shell
– a Manual
– a needle to extract the SIM slot
– protective film

I had the opportunity to have a Samsung Galaxy S7 time to do some photos to compare this phone S7 model Galaxy S7 from Samsung. I’ll let make you your own opinion than any similarities. This is firstly the box two models:


a front view, with the Samsung Galaxy S7 to the left and the right phone S7:


a back view, with the Samsung Galaxy S7 to the left and the right phone S7:


so, what do you think?

anyway, I find that the design of the S7 phone is very successful, blue is well chosen with highlights of nice colors. I saw recently on the page Facebook of phone, that the manufacturer had taken the decision to review very slightly, the design of the smartphone by removing the word “Phone” on the back (on the next manufactured copies):

I finish this part by specifying that fingerprints are too and above all, it tends to get scratched too easily Unfortunately. What will happen to tarnish my impressions on the grip and the design whose whole is still very satisfactory. In any case, as phone offers a protective silicone shell in the package, it will allow to properly protect the back of the smartphone ( the manufacturer is aware of the fragility of the rear? []) ).

III. Performance and features

now let’s look at the performance of the device and its features, all based on Android 6.0.

with 74 595 points to the meter, the S7 phone Gets a good score on the AnTuTu benchmark that ranks on paper at a level equal to the Nexus 6.

the smartphone responds well to everyday use, it shows no sign of fatigue. There may be times where it reacts by first based on the screen, but I more printing it is the touchscreen which reacts less than the device itself. Otherwise, on games gourmet, you can feel quite rare slowdowns, but it should be noted.

  • OS

first of all, he should know that a user guide is provided in several languages, including the french, and he explains how to make a call, how to take a photo, how to send an email, an SMS, etc… I welcome the effort of the manufacturer to offer content in french.

for the Android part, we find a ROM purified in the sense that it for no applications coming to pollute the installation, even Google applications are rare. In the end, this isn’t a bad, at least we will install only what you really need, it’s more embarrassing for users who are used to find basic part of the Google.

at the level of specific features, we find:

  • the use of the device by the actions (regular home phone)
  • turbo download (Wi – Fi and 4G coupled)
  • a house Task Manager
  • MiraVision to set the screen with onions

the default settings of the screen are a little “weird,” especially in the color balance , but fortunately phone for integrated MiraVision to allow us to refine the parameterization.

MiraVision allows you to adjust the parameters of the screen, including the saturation, contrast, but also the color temperature. The brightness can be adjusted directly by the usual quick access panel.

  • mode windowing for view two applications at the same time

I regret having a physical home button, but no touch button nor my right and to my left, everything is done from the home button, depending on the number of the button, or pressing the touch of the button. A habit, but as there seems to have a smartphone with the ergonomics of a Samsung in the hands, at first feels a little lost. It is worth noting that you can switch to a mode that allows poster of the touch buttons on the screen, as you can have it on a Nexus.

autonomy in all this?

for party autonomy, it is truly honorable for a smartphone equipped with a 3 000 mAh battery. Autonomy is a positive point for this phone S7, with an autonomy of a day and a half with heavy use.

Furthermore, by completely removing the (4 G/Wi-Fi) network connectivity, the smartphone held almost 5 days of autonomy, with 1 hour of phone call per day (approximately).

Moreover, the smartphone recharges quickly, allow about 1 h 20 to be recharged to 100% which is quite honorable.

at the moment, phone ensures follow-up of the updates of the smartphone, including for the correction of bugs. The latest is from 09 January 2017, knowing that it there was one already in the month of December 2016.

IV. Camera

the camera is correct, it does not the S7 phone a real camera phone, but it is not ridiculous either. Provided that the brightness is good, you can achieve correct shots.

on the other hand, in low light, the photo sensor is bad. But you’re used to this kind of behavior on smartphones in General, with some exceptions and for the top names.

V. Conclusion

should not see in the S7 phone a copy of the Samsung Galaxy S7, although its design is misleading and that it is clearly successful on this point, at the level of performance on the pure power or the performance of the camera, he returned in the row.

despite all its Helio X 20 holds and does not suffer unless you put it against hungry games, but for everyday use with navigation internet , social networks, some mini-games and of course calls and SMS, it is comfortable.

the relatively clean Android ROM is a good thing, as the interface is clear, there is no big overcoat and so much the better. However, there is still work to be done at the level of the French translation and at the level of the clarity of the explanations. For example, when recording a fingerprint, the Wizard indicates that the sensor is at the rear so that actually, no, he’s in front on the home button.

overall, the S7 phone remains a good smartphone especially for a price around € 200. Find it on Gearbest: buy Elephone S7


  • value very interesting
  • a good battery life
  • a flattering design


  • too sensitive to scratches
  • camera disappointing
  • if the screen could be directly solved optimally , it would be better