The right PC power supply properly install

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If you want to install a power supply in your PC, you must take on some points to prevent any nasty surprises when reassembling.

the most important job of a power supply is that it brings the 230V AC of mains to low DC voltage level. The hardware in the PC need different voltages: both 5 volt and 12 volt.

also not to be underestimated: the power supply unit with its built-in fan ensures air exchange in the housing. So, it helps to bring the heat of all electronic components out of the housing.

Ein typisches Netzteil für PCs mit modularem Anschlußsstem - (Foto: Markus Schraudolph)
a typical power supply for PC with modular Anschlußsstem – (photo: Markus Schraudolph)

represent an exception here passive cooled PSU which is not fan, but no other components to cool. They must then either produce very little waste heat or otherwise are cooled by the heat directly from the PC case.

you need this power supply for your computer

If you either need to replace a faulty power supply or a computer rebuild together, are you of the decision, which power supply you should buy.

before you think about a new purchase, you should check if the PSU is really to blame. Refer to here for: )

an important aspect when choosing the power supply is the design. PC case, belongs to a power supply of of type of ATX are the most common. You have the standard dimensions 150 x 140 x 84 mm (width/depth/height).

were for extra-large housing with “ATX large” and “EPS” developed variants of ATX, 20 mm (ATX large) or 90 mm (EPS) are lower. Typically, the larger form of construction is used to realize more efficient power supplies.

in principle, all of these types are interchangeable. Because at the point where you are screwed to the housing, they are identical. The deeper types, it must be merely ensures that there is enough space free inside out.

for more compact housing types, there are a variety of other designs besides ATX and EPS. Here you can buy best the power supply together with the housing, both also really fit together 100%.

a power supply unit is undersized, does so less, requires than the PC, can go unnoticed that long to determine the correct wattage. Because a computer’s power consumption varies greatly with the tasks. Especially games with behaved graphic representation strongly stress the power supply, because they both request the CPU as the graphics card. It may be so that the calculator dutifully provides its service work throughout the day, but collapses after work when you treat yourself to a little game.

an oversized power supply is not good however. Because the efficiency of the contained electronic is much worse in the bottom of the load. You have that is, higher electricity costs than is actually necessary.

best there is so, if the maximum power consumption of the computer and the wattage of the AC adapter are not far apart. How high the demand is actually makes it quite accurately calculated. Here helps an online calculator like the gaming PC test:

a simple estimation for the power requirements enough for you instead of an exact calculation? Here our personal experience: A typical office machines, with which can sometimes play, comes with a PSU of 350-400 Watts. A gaming system with “thicker” graphics card needs about 550 to 600 watts.


efficiency is important before a couple of years a few manufacturers started the campaign “80 plus”. So this label earned a PSU, must have an efficiency of at least 80%. Say: maximum 20% of the energy absorbed via the mains plug may when converting lost.

in the course of time there were new additional classes, with even better efficiency. They then carry accessories such as “Gold” or “Platinum” and reach up to 91% efficiency.

but it also is so commendable, if the resource saves electricity: the few percent hardly affect the financial statements, the acquisition price is usually much higher. A sensible compromise here is the choice of the easiest “80 plus” category called “Bronze”. It offers a reasonable degree of efficiency at a good price.

power outputs as plug-in system

were all formerly outgoing cable to connect of the PC components soldered firmly in the power supply, there are also devices with module systems today from any manufacturer. While the power supplies have also fixed installed cables, for everything else only connectors that can connect different cable types for standard connections such as the mainboard supplies.

Netzteile mit solchen Buchsen ermöglichen besonders flexibles Konfigurieren der Anschlußkabel (Foto: Markus Schraudolph)
power supplies with such jacks allow flexible especially configure of the connection cable (photo: Markus Schraudolph)

the clear advantage: you need only assemble what is also needed, and there is less clutter in the housing. Also, these power supplies for all application cases fit through the manifold variation possibilities.

to insert a power supply

make sure that all the parts on which you work are separated from the mains. Although the risk of damage due to static charge is not so given, it does no harm before the works to handle a bare heating or a faucet, so that if the body is unloaded.

existing power supply remove when replacing an old power supply, first remove the wires to the motherboard and peripherals. The thick plug on the motherboard for a lock on a hook, you can solve by pressing on one side.

then remove the four screws on the outside of the housing. Usually, the power supply can be then already removed. Either something jammed

if not, and you have to try it with a little violence, or the housing for a locking mechanism that you have to press before the power supply is released.
This can be for example a small plate with nose molded-on, you have to first press.

Manche PC-Gehäuse sichern das Netzteil zusätzlich zu den Schrauben über eine Verriegelung wie hier über eine Metallzunge. (Foto: Markus Schraudolph)
some PC case secure the power supply in addition to the screws over a block like this over a metal tongue. (Photo: Markus Schraudolph)

because power supplies with module system that connect the cable in the installed state is usually quite fiddly, you should previously identify the necessary cable and plug to prepare the new power supply.
-Includes in addition to the supplies for motherboard and peripherals depending on the hardware – existing extra connectors on the motherboard and graphics card.
In the vicinity of the main processor, your motherboard for example could have a 4-pin socket.

Viele Mainboards haben erhöhten Strombedarf und wollen darum über eine solche Buchse mit Extra-Power versorgt werden. (Foto: Markus Schraudolph)
many motherboards have increased electricity consumption and therefore want to are supplied with extra power via such a socket. (Photo: Markus Schraudolph)

The auxiliary power belongs to the cable with a label “CPU” into the socket, or should be similarly marked.
Graphics cards have either a flat socket where you can plug same, like DVD drives or a special 6-pin socket for plug-in cards. The label power supply or cable that is usually “PCI Express” or just “PCI-E”.

Hat eine Grafikkarte diese Zusatzbuchse, muss sie auch mit dem Netzteil verbunden werden, damit der PC hochfährt. (Foto: Markus Schraudolph)
for a graphics card this additional socket, must be her also with the power supply connected, so that the PC boots up. (Photo: Markus Schraudolph)

Install the power supply and connect

insert the power supply into the case and take a look at the rear panel of the computer case. The cut-out for the fan must be completely free and should fit the screw holes.

if it doesn’t look good, again remove the power supply and replace test by 180 degrees rotated it. Everything fits can turn the four screws and the power supply to fix.

PC-Netzteile werden durch vier Schrauben mit der Gehäuserückwand verbunden. (Foto: Markus Schraudolph)
PC power supplies are connected by four screws with the housing rear wall.
(Photo: Markus Schraudolph)

You can insert the wide my 24 pin mainboard connector in one direction only. He is so short circuit protected. Is your plug of two parts, a 20 pin base and a 4 pin extension, you must first add both together and then insert. How both belong together, should be seen in the printed symbols and the training of the seam.

Manche Stecker fürs Mainboard sind wie im Bild zweigeteilt, so dass 20 wie auch 24-polige Buchsen versorgt werden können. (Foto: Markus Schraudolph)
some connector for the motherboard are divided as shown in the picture, so that will supply 20 as also 24-pin socketsn may. (Photo: Markus Schraudolph)

Then plug all the cables for the peripherals such as DVD drive, card reader, or hard drives. The additional connections for video card and motherboard have concluded. Forget anything here, because otherwise your computer will at the turn either no sound make or at least not go up.

if the mainboard for only a 20-pin socket

older motherboards have a main power supply that for a smaller connector with 20 Poland. Fortunately, the newer standard with 24 Poland is backward-compatible, for same pinouts as the older line, so that you safely can plug the wider in the older socket type.
for the new plug – it easy is how – 20 pole plus a four-additional: just omit the additional.
The 24 plug is, however, “from one source”, you can try to insert it just so. The end with the four cables in the colors red/yellow/orange/black is simply.

24 poliger Netzteilstecker
20 and 24-pin power adapter plug in size comparison – (photo: Markus Schraudolph)

you can of the wide mechanically not plug, because on the Board is the place through a component, simply cut off the last two rows of double mesh with a utility knife. Watching: it is NOT page plug both orange feeder cables side by side, but the other.

the cable of not required four pins have the colors red/yellow/orange/black. When cutting it that you remain in the middle between the pins, so that no metal this is exposed.

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