The report “Key words of content” will disappear from Search Console! [Exclusive Guide]

2:01 pm November 29, 20168020

Google for announced on its official blog for webmasters that the report on the analysis of the most quoted words in a site would disappear.

located in the section “ Index Google ‘, report” content keywords “had been introduced in the first versions of Google Webmaster Tools (now called Search Console) because it was the only report which allowed a webmaster:

  • to identify what Google was when it explored its website
  • to detect if explored content corresponded to that of its site, or if he had been victim of a hacking
  • »» to know the number of total occurrences of a keyword on its website

if these few features are now little useful for webmasters since the arrival of new reports and new features in Search Console including to explore a page like Google or still to consult the “Safety issues” section to get information on a potential piracy of its site detected by Google , the calculation of the number of occurences of keywords feature as it was proposed in Search Console had more valuable for webmasters and SEOs . Google for officially announced the imminent end of this feature without specifying the exact date, it will be “soon”.

mots clés contenu Search Console

for the SEOs that still used the feature, so you have still a few days / weeks for export the data in this report to this address .

a report which deserved better than a sudden deletion

if there are many webmasters who will probably not notice this disappearance, for our part, we too bad that Google for not tried to improve the functionality rather than stop suddenly .

indeed, if for example, it had been possible, as on the “Internal links” report to analyze occurences of keywords of Google detected in a specific page with why not focus on the occurrences of keywords detected above the water line, this report “ content keywords ” would have immediately had a lot more value added for SEOs and webmasters. Just adding also a percentage next to the volume of occurrences of a keyword would have also improved the interest of such a report (the webmaster would not have to export the data to get it).

for those nostalgic for the feature, don’t worry, you can always analyze the number of occurences of keywords per page with external as free tools Alyzé for example.


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