The new features of Bitdefender 2017 [Quick Guide]

4:53 pm November 8, 201610422

as every year, a new version of Bitdefendeur for appeared, whether on Windows, Mac OS, or Android for mobile protection, and she brings a lot of new features and changes. Make the point about this new version.

1 – interface

compared to the interface of the last year, it is simpler and is adapted to the touch screens with this system of tiles on the bottom of the application.

The Publisher took the opportunity to directly integrate access to documentation and technical support with a single click. Moreover, the report of activities is available in real time, on applications, threats and attacks blocked on your device.


2 – tools

new features are added to the optimization tools, indeed, Bitdefender for made the addition of two things:

– drive cleaner, especially for searching for files and folders in order to remove them, this feature can also work with external devices

– optimization remotely, i.e. that we can trigger the optimization directly from the Bitdefender Central web interface which allows to remotely on your post.


3 – Wi – Fi Security Advisor Bitdefender

ECTT new function parses the Wi – Fi networks on which you have made a connection to check the safety of the network, according to encryption, the type of authentication, the hardness of the password, etc.


4 – anti-theft

available for mobile anti-theft is improved because it integrates additional information :

– recovery of the IP address
– recovery of a picture of the intruder

at the base, one could already find the device, block it remotely and wipe its data remotely.

Is there a chance I dedicates an article to the lock to detailing you the various features and commands that can be send to destination for a smartphone protected by Bitdefender.

5 – control parental

now the parental control is able to manage Windows logon restrictions, not globally on the computer, which is interesting if the computer is used by multiple users.

6 – protection against Ransomware

this is a topic very trendy so Ransomware may hurt… BitDefender for improved its protection against Ransomware module. Be it on Windows, Mac OS or Android though, when a ransomware is found it is automatically deleted.

The Windows version also includes protection against the encryption of files, while the MacOS version incorporates protection against encryption of backups Time Machine.

Versions and prices

in a way generally, Bitdefender 2017 comes in three different versions with more or fewer features, more or less of positions authorized by license and at different prices. These versions are: Bitdefender Antivirus more 2017 , Bitdefender Internet Security 2017 and Bitdefender Total Security Multi-Device 2017 .


It is worth noting that the Bitdefender Total Security Multi-Device version is the only version that included 10 devices which may be both under Windows, Mac OS or Android.

Here is a comparison of the versions table:


for the part price:

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2017

* 1 PC for 1 year – € 19.95
* 3 PC’s for 2 years – € 39.95

Bitdefender Internet Security 2017

* 5 PCs for 1 year – € 39.95
* 5 PCs for 2 years – € 59.95

Bitdefender Total Security Multi-Device 2017

* 10 devices for 2 years – € 79.95

on Amazon you can buy these different versions of the antivirus Bitdefender, with prices very attractive and well below the public price advertised below, according to the current promotions…