The Fritzbox is a good router. But what if she even does not work?

9:14 pm May 15, 20178554

problems with your Internet or the local area network, you should test your Fritzbox. This help a special function of the router, which covers all areas and even information about the telephony and the connected USB devices.

so you start checking your Fritzbox

  1. log via a browser from the Web address into your Fritzbox a. (If the device is no longer available, you can revive any Fritz box through a rescue program your .)
  2. diagnosis – function go to the menu item.

    Fritzbox Diagnose
    Start diagnosing your Fritzbox, from the main menu,

  3. start to start the review of leave to press the button.
  4. now your router is undergoing various tests, the results of which appear after.

    Diagnose einer Fritzbox.
    You see diagnostic messages of a Fritz box 7490

  5. on the basis of the preceding icons, where something is wrong. See a warning instead of a green check mark, then the Fritz box on this point the diagnosis for detected a problem.
  6. in part there is that in the problematic areas links further functions of the box the DSL performance test result, as shown in the example.


more useful information in addition to the pure error diagnosis you can use this list for other purposes. So, you see the number of Wi-Fi connected devices including the used frequency, your DLS speed down and preparation, and the use of the built-in Ethernet ports.

If you are using the second menu item of the menu diagnosis , you get grouped together everything you need to know on the subject of ‘Security’ delivered. To learn whether your router for open ports in the Internet, which the filter of your box are active and what a user accounts exist.

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