The confidentiality of the pointee WOT extension of the finger! [Quick Guide]

2:05 am November 9, 20166937

WOT is one of the most popular for browser extensions since it for 140 million users worldwide. Today, it is clearly pointed the finger to privacy issues.

logo-wot1 Mozilla for decided simply to remove Firefox Add-ons. It is the same for Chrome as the application is no longer on the Chrome Web Store. WOT said in a post on its website that the withdrawal on the other platforms other than Firefox is done voluntarily.

WOT ( Web Of Trust ), what is? This free extension for browser shows the reputation of the sites internet directly within the search engine results. so don’t go on deprecated and potentially dangerous sites.

The reputation of the extension for been seriously flawed since it collects, analyzes, and sell your personal data to third parties. indeed, WOT collecting different items such as IP address, the type of device, the OS, the browser, but also the web pages as well as your location.

It is important to clarify that the collected data are anonymized, except that according to the German media NDR, the desanonymisation data is quite picky, which would identify the person.

WOT announced changes in the coming weeks to rectify the situation about the use of personal data. we thank through the German media who have made this discovery.

See the WOT security policy