The bluff of the BCT around the subject of Paypal in Tunisia

8:28 am March 9, 20178084TIPS

the buzz behind Paypal was only a bluff and stories to sleep standing up.

the Tunisian Government will legalize Paypal in Tunisia and make the convertible currency? Is that the issue of Paypal? And you have believed?

me personally No. And I continue to say that in a country that is not libertarian and that encircles my motto all the walls of the conscience and the madness does that bring all my people to the paltry smuggling and the counterfeit.

now we have to take a path among two offered in order to force this Government, the next one too, to release the national currency and open the horizons of young people to a wider world of free trade:

  1. create more in the darkness of the smuggling and destroy the economy of the country. In fact it is what smugglers usually do.
  2. build a community around cryptocurrencies and impose on Governments, this Government and the next, the fact that they must undergo before the decision and the will of the people and not that of bureaucrats.

Paypal is anything but a good alternative for us Tunisians. There is need of a Mr. X or Y which, according to the taste of my morning coffee, will dictate what to do with our money or even exactly or not to give the opportunity to young people to explore the world of the free currency. 

in return, with cryptocurrencies, can go beyond these limits, to silence these bureaucrats and create a sphere of free market where the know-how and the right product will be the pillars of all our transactions.

of course, there are those who believe and those who will refuse to believe.

me, personally, I chose to believe: In cryptocurrencies we trust!

this is the conclusion of Taher Martin, one of the people who have followed the issue of Paypal in Tunisia closely and who for encouraged the Government to accept Paypal in Tunisia and make a sort of make the Tunisian currency convertible: