The best alternative keyboards for Android [Exclusive Guide]

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phones and Android tablets have all the different keyboards according to the versions of the system and the manufacturers overlays. But one of the strengths of the Google OS is precisely to be able to change it at will with alternative keyboards. To help you make your choice and enjoy the best possible typing experience, we made a selection of the best alternative keyboards on Android.

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the best keyboards Android 2017

keyboard Google

if the Nexus devices are already fitted, major manufacturers like Samsung, Sony or HTC devices come with a keyboard modified by their care. If you want to return to the sources of Android, you can download Google keyboard and enjoy the original experience .

With this application, the American giant delivers a simple and effective keyboard that takes up all the good ideas of competitors such as body language which allows the seizure by a swipe of the finger or even speech recognition. There are many options such as languages and the design is sober as Google knows do. The keyboard is of course free and assure very high compatibility with different screen sizes.

Google keyboard in its version 5.0 brings a lot of novelty which the highly anticipated fashion to a hand, or even the possibility to adjust the size of the keyboard so that it occupies more or less in place on the screen, among other new features.

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no introduction Swiftkey, one of the most popular alternative keyboards of Google Play. It is one of the best in terms of the prediction of the words that you have not yet written. To achieve this, it is able to learn from everything you type with your phone, emails, SMS or Twitter and Facebook.

And now thanks to the cloud, you can synchronize your writing style on all your devices, and customize the predictions of words from your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote and other. He eventually know you by heart and write almost to your place. The developers you ensure that the data collected to learn of your writing is stored on your phone and are not shared with anyone.

An option allows you also to pass classic slip your fingers typing mode to enter words with the Swype technology. The keyboard is available in all the languages in a free version, a pay and another dedicated to tablets. A reference.

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Swype is renowned for its speed . my feature writing by swipe of the finger makes the fastest keyboard in the world. In addition to its speed it can also predict the words by learning from the way you write, just like Swifkey.

One of the great features is the integration of the speech recognition through the famous ‘Dragon ‘ software which will allow you to dictate what you want to write. Very effective, the feature can be activated with one touch.

It fits both phones to tablets, with many themes to personalize and regularly updated language dictionaries. If the speed or dictation are your priorities, it’s probably to this application you must turn.

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A.I. Type

here’s an alternative keyboard that for more than one asset to assert. In addition to learning your way to write and to predict the words that you want to write, it will not be very demanding on hit accuracy that he will correct himself with great efficiency. You’ll also to create a shortened like ‘Hello’ to write ‘Hello ‘. A good way to speed up the typing.

An important detail, the keyboard also warns you when it corrects your text! This isn’t the case of other applications who is not shy to make automatic corrections on words that are yet fair. What you avoid sending sometimes annoying messages…

We find the features of other keyboards with in more the ability to customize the background image with your own photos or further modify the themes and the size of the keyboard. Aesthetics is not my forte, but he’s very effective. In addition, A.I. Type developers ensure the confidentiality of the data collected , it’s always good to take.

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Go Keyboard (or Go keyboard)

it is certainly the most popular alternative keyboards on Android. Go Keyboard (or Go keyboard in french) offers all the essential features and enjoy the richness of the universe ‘Go ‘. There is so integration of Emoji, more than 60 themes different or the many language dictionaries, one of the great strengths of the application.

The keyboard for the particularity to offer a control panel dedicated to editing the text (copy, paste, select, etc.). The dictation is available, but a plugin that you can download on the Store.

Like its competitors, Swype technology is integrated, but is less accurate than other keyboards. Errors not being very large tolerance, which will make you sometimes make a few typos. Go Keyboard also emphasizes its compatibility with the shelves of all sizes.

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which is a lot on the Fleksy keyboard, is that it’s beautiful. And with all the subjectivity of the world, it is true he is. But Fleksy it’s not that, since the keyboard could beat recently speed world record. This is partly due to actions by sliding quickly to erase a Word, character or add naked space.

Moreover, its system of prediction is based on the relative positions of the letters on the keyboard, so you can write a Word by you cheating on almost all letters, Fleksy will still find what you wanted to write. Finally, just as Swiftkey, Fleksy offers a cloud service to quickly offer the system all the useful resources to its analysis of your writing style.

Like a lot of keyboards with this kind of correction or the word prediction formula, Fleksy requires a little time to adapt. But once used to it, is very effective.

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selection clavier android minuum

Minuum should be included in this ranking for its originality. my little more to him, it’s a little less. Indeed, Minuum is the smallest Android keyboard . He managed the operation by superimposing lines of the usual keyboards.

Then, it’s thanks to an algorithm of prediction, research in your smartphone and observation of the zones that you touch the keyboard you suggest the right words or names of your contacts, for example. If however the word is not found or that you have to write something is neither a dictionary nor in your smartphone, a long press on the letter will allow manual entry .

The keyboard for for main objective to free up space for more information on your screen. The only thing that could call into question today, it is the usefulness of the thing, knowing that our smartphones are increasingly large.

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TouchPal is a keyboard that focuses on emoji, emoji, emoticons and images art, but it also contains 85 languages, a “Swipe” function, one automatic prediction of the words learned via the cloud, but also by the context of the sentence .

Don’t be fooled by its cute appearance on the Store, there is not only the colors and themes on this keyboard, it is a very good keyboard to type messages quickly and comfortably, and it must be part of your list of keyboards to consider.

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Kika Emoji Keyboard

also based the emojis, but also animated GIFS, stickers or the kaomojis as the “meh”: ¯_() _ / ¯). Kika Emoji is a keyboard to take into consideration, all that it also includes speech input, the extra bar that can accommodate numbers, like Google keyboard, or last used emoji. Don’t not be fooled by my colorful side, it is indeed very powerful.

Exemplary fluid, it is able to offer an investment content on the sides allow for one-handed use, important thing especially on large screens. It turns out so be a condensation of the ideas of competitors to fit all users.

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Chrooma Keyboard


this is a newbie in the world of alternative keyboards but who is getting stronger. If it goes up so fast it is because it is easy to use, and is a bit like google keyboard. Basic, it includes a swip mode , resizing keyboard, night a mode, and you can change the color of the keyboard in as your theme or tastes. 

It includes also more than 60 languages, a number line, and emoji . It is not free but worth its price because it is really simple and beautiful.