The 4 best software Emailing online

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emailing became a web key marketing tool. It helps of course to enter and stay in touch with prospects and customers. However this is not the only function of a new kind of online emaling software. They allow to develop and undertake complex web marketing campaigns. Among other things, they allow the creation of likely landing pages lead conversions. Off this is indeed that is the current Holy Grail of web marketing.
It comes to capture customer information in order to use them to offer them products that precisely match their profiles of buyers.

the 4 best software of emailings online


Aweber’s email marketing platform by the webmarketeurs.
Its user-friendly interface allows easy to create, plan and implement a campaign. She is inégré of fluid way to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Its an automatic tracking tool and its auto-responder are particularly effective. The rate of delivery of 99% of Aweber is 99%, a record.


the basic monthly rate of Aweber is $ 19 for 0 to 500 subscribers. It is $ 29 per month for 501 to 2,500 subscribers, $49 to $69 for 5.001 to 10.000 subscribers and $149 for 10,001 to 25,000 subscribers 2.511 to 5,000 subscribers.


  • 99% delivery rate
  • number of autoresponders unlimited
  • a responsive customer service
  • Integration with social media
  • ongoing custom support


  • a high price
  • Interface only in English

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GetResponse is one of the best software of emailings pledged to excellent service to the customer as well as a useful at competitive prices support forum online. GetResponse also offers a mobile app where you can track stats of your online campaigns on your smartphone. Multilingual support is provided.


GetResponse offers plans cheaper prices than other marketing by emailing services. An annual subscription is 18% less than a monthly subscription, the latter $ 15 for 1,000 subscribers. In addition it is possible to test it for free for 30 days.


  • a little high price of all services
  • a free trial period of 30 days
  • view calendar for tracking campaigns is very complete
  • reports clear and effective


  • impossibility segment campaigns based on the location of the Subscriber
  • a limited automation feature
  • a creator of email a little winded especially in its function of drag-and – drop

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the minimalist interface is very easy to use. The dashboard presents detailed reports. iContact allows you Internet marketing campaigns to address social media. It integrates a generator of messages, an answering machine, an image library and a coding tool.


at iContact nightly rates start at $14 per month for 500 subscribers. If you purchase an annual subscription, the cost drops to $11.90 per month. The service also offers a free 30 day trial version.


  • simple User Interface to use
  • ability to integrate social media
  • option to create a list of contacts by e-mail from social media
  • email segmentation based on demography


  • Limitations of the features of the answering machine
  • too small 5 MB
  • image storage

  • no available analysis of subscribers and e-mail

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MailChimp offers a wide variety of models free and easily integrates with other services like Facebook, Twitter, ejunkie, and EVENTBRITE. MailChimp offers for an answering machine and good analytical skills.


MailChimp offers two types of pricing. The free option allows the sending of 12,000 monthly e-mails to 2,000 subscribers. Dessu this limit to $ 20 per month for 1 001 to 1 500 subscribers (unlimited email), $25 per month for 1 501 to 2,000 subscribers, $30 per month for 2 001 to 2 500 subscribers, $35 per month for 2 501-2 600 subscribers and $50 for 5,000 subscribers.


  • no fee service for 2,000 subscribers
  • Setup Wizard
  • many models


  • heaviness of the graphic pages
  • Omnipresence of the MailChimp logo
  • only from MailChimp models may be used

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Aweber seems to be the most professional online emailing software for several reasons. Firstly its delivery rate is close to 100%, it is very important to measure the real impact of a campaign. Then, it for all the features specific to applications in this category as the use of social networks for example. Finally my autorepliers in unlimited numbers make a powerful tool that allows you to create and follow a successful campaign of online marketing without the need for as many human resources many so costly.