Test StarTech USB 3.0 for laptop docking Station [Quick Guide]

10:58 pm January 3, 201715398

I. introduction

StarTech specializes in the sale of devices and accessories computer : converters, adapters, docking stations, ports, KVM switches replicators, etc… A real gold mine. Today, I propose you to discover through this test the StarTech USB 3.0 for laptops, ultrabook and Tablet PC docking station.

Product reference: USB3SDOCKDD

this kind of product brings ease of use, in the sense where you plug one or more screens above, as well as the cable network, the speakers, the keyboard and the mouse, and then when we want to move on my desk, just plug a USB 3.0 docking station with your laptop. Then you take advantage of all the devices connected to the docking station. This avoids to disconnect and reconnect the cables whenever you want to leave or return to the office.

A docking station is also an opportunity to provide additional connectivity to ultrabooks or Tablet PCs such as the Microsoft Surface, the Lenovo Yoga or even the Transformer from Asus.

Datasheet, here is what happens:

maximum digital Resolution: 2048 x 1152 via DVI or HDMI
maximum analog Resolution : 2048 x 1152 via VGA
screens : up to 2 in simultaneous
Support 4 K : no
Support UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol) : Yes
Support FastCharge : Yes
Auto MDIX Ethernet : Yes
Full Duplex Ethernet : Yes
weight: 285 grams


Finally, here is the list of all of the available ports on the docking station:

– 1 x DVI – D (25 pin)
– 1 x DVI – I (29 pin)
– 2 x USB 3.0 (Fast-Charge, SuperSpeed) front
– 3 x USB 3.0 backwards
– 1 x RJ45 Ethernet Gigabit
– 1 x Mini-Jack for the audio) 3.5 mm)
– 1 x USB 3.0 Type-B (liaison with the laptop)

the device is compatible with Windows (Windows XP SP3 to Windows 10), Mac OS (10.6 to 10.12) so that Chrome OS, less common but it is to report all the same.

II. Package and design

the docking station can be positioned both vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference. Knowing that a base is provided for installation vertical to ensure the stability of the station.


The details of the package:

USB 3.0 for the connection with the laptop – docking station
– cable (1 m)
– feet rubber/plastic for the base (x 4)
– the base for the docking station
– screws (x 2)
– a cruciform screwdriver
– a DVI to VGA adapter
– a DVI to HDMI adapter
– different electrical adapters (NA / JP) (, EU, UK, ANZ)
– CD with the driver (DisplayLink)
– User Manual

the package is really comprehensive, just look at the length of the list… even the screwdriver is provided as well as video adapters, everything is there to be able to use the docking station in various configurations.

With a case and a base in aluminium, as well as front and rear black plastic, the docking station makes a good impression, and especially the design is modern. Perfect to place on the desk next to the screen 😉

some of the docking station to the left rear and right front:


the finishes are excellent! There is nothing to complain about on this very good quality product manufacturing. You can differentiate DVI – I DVI – d easily because it is written beside what type it is.


After Assembly of the base with the main part of the station, you can add the 4 plastic feet which stick very well (3 m):


on top, there is also a thin plastic strip that serves as ventilation to the case, the latter for no built-in fan but does not heat up to as much.

In General, StarTech offers a complete package with a dock to modern design, aluminum’s a small effect, while the finishes are very good.

III. in practice

to be able to take full advantage of the docking station, you must install a DisplayLink driver for managing the display by USB. You can find it on the official website of StarTech at the product page, it’s important because if you don’t have a DVD player it will be complicated to get on one that is provides… On a Surface or the other models mentioned previously.


When installation is finished, he will have to restart your machine, and then it is left to take advantage of the docking station!

I took the opportunity to perform some file transfers via a device connected in USB 3.0 to the docking station, and then I did the same test with the same device but by connecting it directly to the machine, it turns out that performance are the same.

Note: USB 3.0 FastCharge ports allow to charge devices such as smartphone or tablet, without even the docking station is connected to your PC. Simply that the docking station is powered.

I regret, however, that there is no jack at the back for plugging speakers discreetly, because here the audio cable is in front… But it’s convenient to have on the front to connect headphones. View therefore.


My impression after the use of the docking station is positive, it brings ease of use when asked on a desk with her laptop and you want to take advantage of a screen, speakers and a network without any link reconnect. There is more to worry about the connection of the cables, except the one to connect the docking station to the laptop.

It is interesting also to connect two external displays on a machine that for connectivity to take that one in charge at the base.

IV. Conclusion

the conclusion time for this PC docking station, after several days of use in my company, it shows that it works very well. Setting up quickly via the installation of a driver, then the connection meets many needs including by the presence of video adapters provides.

For my part, I like the design of this aluminum docking station, it is rather nice on the desktop. I tested it with a Dell XPS 13 for my part, and where it’s even more interesting is that she brings video extra connectivity and additional USB ports.


  • a veeeeeery package full
  • successful Design, aluminum
  • case

  • Universal Dock compatible with any computer with a USB 3.0 port (and a supported OS)
  • 2 screens in simultaneous
  • 5 ports USB 3.0 FastCharge 2
  • 3 year warranty included


  • not compatible Linux
  • a missing to audio jack the rear, even if it’s still a luxury to ask this

find this docking station on Amazon around €160 TTC: